How To Survive Fashion Week With Rubens Guez

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Fashion week is a hectic time for models, when they can have dozens of castings and jobs booked into a couple of days in each city, before more moving on to the next one without a break between. We sat down with Rubens Guez from Elite Model Look France to find out how to survive, passing the time and the highlights from a model’s point of view.

What do you love about fashion week?

For me the highlight is walking in shows, I really love it! After, you can find pictures of the shows on Vogue Runway and it’s always a nice surprise to see what the photos look like! Also, I love meeting photographers at the end of every show.

Photo © Rubens Guez via Instagram

What app do you use to get around a city you don’t know?

Google Maps, I don’t understand how work any of the other apps!

What do you always pack when you travel?

My camera! I’m always looking for an unusual face, a special place or a meeting. Plus, my speaker, so I can listen to music everywhere.

Photo © Valentino

What kind of bag do you like to use?

I usually wear a satchel. Otherwise a classical backpack, just to carry some stuff, obviously my camera!

Photo © Rubens Guez via Instagram

Where did you stay in Paris for fashion week?

I moved quite a lot! I’ve stayed in the 17th arrondissement, and then the 11th.

Who did you hang out with in Paris with?

I went to New York just before fashion week, and during my trip, I met some French models who are living in Paris. So when I was in Paris, I spend my evenings with them, or also with other friends that I’ve met when I've been working in Paris before.

Photo © Rubens Guez

How many alarms do you set to wake up early?

Depends… In general 6 or 7!

There is a lot of waiting when you travel, and at castings and shows! What do you do to pass the time?

That is true that there is a lot of waiting but I’m very patient, sometimes too much maybe. So I call my friends or my family, talk to other models who are also waiting, or scroll through Instagram. I love following @luxormotor, it’s an Instagram account that always makes me laugh.

Do you watch anything to pass the time?

I don’t really watch anything, although during one fashion week, I was following the football matches of the World Cup - and I was super proud when France won! For books, I like novels and poetry, and reading books about street art.

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