How To Be A Model Presenter With Ruben Rua

How To Model June 3
Agent, catwalk coach, actor, reality star - top model Ruben Rua shows that model life can be the first step in all kinds of other career opportunities, from competing in the Elite Model Look competition in 2005 to starring as a celebrity on the Portuguese version of Dancing With The Stars. What's more, he has presented the Elite Model Look World Final in China in front of millions and presents a show on Portuguese TV called What’s Up!. We sat down with Ruben to find out his model tips on how to cross the line from silent star to talking head. For more questions and answers from Ruben, visit Vanity Teen.

Photo © Portuguese Shoes TV

How did you get into presenting?

I started presenting in October 2015. I started as a reporter work backstage at ModaLisboa, Portugal's Fashion Week. I was modelling in the shows and in between, I also reported for What’s Up! for Portuguese Shoes TV. The channel really liked it so I have been doing more and more work for them. Now, I do a show about Portuguese fashion and culture, supported by APICCAPS – the Portuguese Shoes Association. You never know… life is full of surprises and one moment changes everything!

What do you have to do to prepare for a presenting job?

Voice exercises and studying the script helps! I need to know the script really well to not have to think about it. You also need to listen to the answer of whoever you are interviewing ask the right question next, and to breathe properly to make my voice clear and… I try to have fun! People want to see and to feel your emotions. And you know how I work… If I don´t feel it, I am not there!

Are you recognised from being a presenter or from modelling?

It is weird to talk about it! (laughs) Probably for both. Fashion is my life. I have been modeling for 11 years so if that means something I would be pleased. On the other hand, I have been working as an agent in the last 5 years, also with Elite Model Look in Portugal and at the World Finals, I am doing TV work, plus I will be in a movie that’s coming out this summer, and I’m in a soap opera. I think I’m recognised for all of these things!

Is presenting similar to modelling?

I think being a model is much harder than what most of the people think. A model is an actor without a voice. A lot of my body language comes from modelling. On the other hand, I am sure I can feel more relaxed in front of the camera because of all my experience modelling.

What’s it like to be recognised?

Of course TV is very powerful - when I competed on Dança com as Estrelas in 2014 [the Portuguese version of Dancing with the Stars] I felt the effect of that. Last year, I got Best Male Model at Globos de Ouro, the Portuguese Golden Globe awards. I think also this type of public exposure increases your public image in a good way. I never wanted to be famous but if it is a consequence of my work, I’m happy about that!

You do so many jobs right now - what are your long term plans? Would you like to present full time?

At the moment, I am doing so many things at the same time that is hard to predict my future. I believe I am still finding my way. I like to present but I also like modeling and I enjoy working as an agent. On the other hand I have a degree in Communications so somehow I believe in the future everything will make a sense. I hope!

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