Alesia From Belrus: Meet The Winner 2017

Entering Elite Model Look from Belrus, Alesia will represent her country at the Elite Model Look World Final. She loves the Disney villain Maleficent, dark chocolate is her favourite type, and her favourite shade is turquoise. Find out more below.

Full name: Alesia Trusevich

Star sign: Aries

Hometown: Brest, Belarus

Follow me: @alesia.trusevich

What’s your favourite….

Animal? Rabbit

Disney villain? Maleficent

Colour? Turquoise

Sport? Dance

Food? Pizza

Emoji? Smiley face

Chocolate: Dark

Choose one….

Leather shorts or denim cutoffs? Leather shorts

Las Vegas or Los Angeles? Los Angeles

Sports car or SUV? SUV

Cowboy or alien? Alien

DJ or PJs? DJ

Personal chef or personal trainer? Personal trainer

Puma or Adidas? Adidas

Snakes or sharks? Sharks

Motorbike or magic carpet? Magic carpet

Hot fudge or melted caramel? Hot fudge

Pizza or Ibiza? Ibiza

Disco or punk? Disco

Yoga or boxing? Yoga

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