Danya From Ukraine: Meet The Winner 2017

At the Elite Model Look World Final, Danya from Kiev will represent Ukraine. Last year, Ukraine had a girl Finalist but not a boy. Danya is a fan of basketball, of Florence and the Machine, and of designer Raf Simons. Read more below.

Full name: Danya Fesenko

Star sign: Saggitarius

Hometown: Kiev, Ukraine

Follow me: @heldersoon

What’s your favourite….

Song: You’ve got the love by Florence & The Machine

Animal: Llama

Disney villain: Rasputin from Anastasia

Colour: Black, white or red

Sport: Basketball

Band: Florence & The Machine

Vacation destination: Carpathian mountains, which run from the Czech Republic to Romania

Quote: "No one else is you and that is your power"

Food: Pancakes

Fashion icon: Raf Simons

Heroine: My mother

Current obsession: The new album by The XX

Choose one….

Puma or Adidas?  Adidas

Snakes or sharks? Sharks

Motorbike or magic carpet?  Magic carpet

Beach or pool? Pool

Pizza or Ibiza?  Pizza

Cowboy or alien? Alien

DJ or PJs?  DJ

Personal chef or personal trainer? Personal trainer

Disco or punk? Disco

Yoga or boxing? Pizza!

Las Vegas or Los Angeles? Los Angeles

Snapchat or Instagram? Instagram

What was the best thing about Elite Model Look so far?

When I got news that I will represent Ukraine on this contest, that moment has changed my life and gave me the real goal to achieve!

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