Xanthe From Belgium: Meet The Winner 2017

Following the final in Brussels, Xanthe was named the Winner of Elite Model Look Belgium for 2017! We get to know her before she heads to the World Final of Elite Model Look 2017.

Name: Xanthe Peeters Dedapper

Star sign: Libra

Hometown: Koningshooikt, Belgium

Follow me: @xanthededapper

Apart from winning, what has been the best moment so far?

The train trips together with Han where always really nice. We loved talking about our future in the modelling world.

What’s your favourite….

Song: Brother by Matt Corby



Sport: Tumbling

Film: The Intouchables (2012)

Food: Sushi

Chocolate: Dark

Fashion icon: Nella Roz

Current obsession: Travelling 

Choose one….

Pizza or Ibiza? Ibiza

Disco or punk? Disco

Yoga or boxing? Yoga

Leather shorts or demin cutoffs? Leather shorts

Las Vegas or Los Angeles? Los angeles

Snapchat or Instagram? Instagram

Cowboy or alien? Cowboy

Matching tattoos or tea for two? Tea for two

DJ or PJs? DJ

Personal chef or personal trainer? Personal trainer

Puma or Adidas? Adidas

Hot fudge or melted caramel? Melted caramel

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