Workouts To Try Now

Wellbeing Mar 4
Bored of your running regime? Get into these workouts that the models love. Some new, some revived, these are the ways they look this good.

Photo © Izabel Goulart


If it makes you sweat, Izabel Goulart probably does it - yoga, core training, tennis, running - but everything she does, she tags on Instagram #BodyByIza. If you’re bored of doing the same old exercises all the time, try her all-round approach

Photo © Pauline Hoarau via Instagram

Life in the air

Combining the postures of yoga with the suspension equipment of acrobatics, aerial yoga will promote flexibility, alleviate tension, strengthen muscles and improve mental functioning and concentration. Pauline Hoarau uses it to get that angel body.

Photo © Natalie Westling via Instagram

Regular or goofy?

If the thought of a crowded gym full of pounding machines fills you with dread, make like Natalie Westling and learn to skateboard. The balance techniques will work out your core, agility and stamina.

Photo © Ruben Rua via Instagram

Get in, get out

According to experts, the best way to blitz the gym is to exercise in short sharp bursts in high intensity circuit training. 

Photo © Malik Lindo via Instagram

Punching above your weight

Boxing is back! Combining intensive cardio training and a total body conditioning, this traditional sport encourages strength, speed and stamina. Make like Malik and get up close with a punchbag.

Photo © Zandre du Plessis via Instagram

Ditch the pounding soundtrack

Meditation is a growing technique used by many to improve the most important muscle of all: the brain. New ways of working out incorporates mindfulness into exercise, be it affirmations, or breathing technique, so you benefit in two ways instead of one. Reports suggest the exercise is more beneficial too.

Photo © Ellie Leith via Instagram

Get out on the open waves

Water babies like Ellie Leith love surfing. For those who don’t have handy access to the ocean shore, Surfset classes use simulation boards to offer the rotational core training that give surfers their long lean looks.

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