Wissem Morel-omari: Dior In Marrakech Was A Homecoming

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When Wissem Morel-Omari from EML France was booked for the Christian Dior resort show in Marrakech, it was a dream come true. With family roots in Morocco, Wissem was walking for a top designer fashion label in a country she has visited countless times. And the house of Dior has long ties to the North African country, Morocco was an inspiration for the iconic former head designer at Dior, Yves Saint Laurent. What’s more, Wissem went on to walk in the Chanel resort show with a slew of other EML alumni. She shares what it’s like to hit the runway for the first time – for the big time.

The Dior resort show was like coming home

It was magic - I'm French-Moroccan, and there I was, walking for Dior, one of the best Parisian fashion houses, in the country where my family come from – it was an unexpected but amazing turn of events! 

The trip was short but sweet

I stayed in Marrakech for 3 days – just enough time to rediscover the city of Marrakech, to walk around, and to enjoy it. I have been to Morocco before, many times! I have family all over the country, so I go there regularly to visit them. 

It was hard to keep it secret before the show!

However, sharing it on social media afterwards helped me realize how lucky I was to participate in this show in Marrakech! My mom and dad watched the show online, they are super proud of me, and very happy. 

Walking for Chanel was another amazing experience

Virginie Viard's collection was sublime, and everyone backstage was very attentive! I loved what I wore - it was a beautiful long dress very comfortable to wear and felt so light it was like I was wearing something made of liquid!  I also had a beautiful blue green rucksack and boots. And it was like an Elite party backstage! There were so many girls who I have been a fan of for such a long time – Vittoria Ceretti, Yasmin Wijnaldum, Nina Marker and Emerson. They all did EML too. I follow all of them on Instagram, so to be hanging out and walking in the same show was super cool!

Modelling has opened so many doors

Since my EML adventure, modelling has allowed me to meet new people and to travel while I’m still studying. For me, the travel a really rewarding part of being a model! It feels like I am really getting to see the world.

Taking care of your mental health is super important

Preparing for these shows, it was really important for me to be able to relax properly. I practice a lot of yoga, and I also stayed away from social media for a while. It allows me to focus on what’s important, on the here and now, and to live in the present moment. If you’re applying for EML 2019, the only advice I can give is to simply be the best version of yourself you possibly can be, while expressing yourself fully and living every moment completely!

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