Winners Of The 32nd Elite Model Look World Final Are Announced!

Competition News Nov 23

At last! This afternoon, in front of judges, agents, family and star guests, the winners of the top 15 and overall winners of the 32nd Elite Model Look World Final were announced. First, the Finalists walked the runway in rainbow-bright ensembles by Benetton and La Perla, before assembling onstage to hear the names of the Top 15, who have all landed a top modelling contract with Elite.  

They are...

Chiara from Chile

Kristian from Czech Republic

Simon from Denmark

Mathilde from France

Qiman from China

Matilde from Italy

Mattia from the Netherlands

Leia from Reunion Island

Andreea from Romania

Lea from Slovakia

Maria from Spain

Benjamin from Switzerland

Charlotte from the United Kingdom

And the overall winners were….

Anouk from the Netherlands

I can’t believe it! I’m so happy! I really hoped I would do well, but I didn’t expect it at all! When they announced my name, I thought, “who, me!?” When we practiced, they kept telling us, “when you win, smile, smile, smile!” but I was crying, and I was like, “I can’t smile anymore!” So in the pictures, I probably look terrible! But I was crying with happiness, they were good tears. To celebrate, I think I am going to have a big party with all my friends and family, taking lots of pictures - lots of pictures and lots of parties! I really want to thank everyone who voted for me on social media, your support meant a lot to me - even though it was about what the judges thought of me, it was so nice to know people wanted me to win!

Tristan from France

I’m so happy to be the International winner of EML 2015, I almost can’t quite say it! I didn’t think I would make it, but it’s the jury who decided for me, so I’m happy. There were twenty guys, and twenty who could have won, so I really want to congratulate all of them as well, because it’s still a beautiful competition, and we want to keep a spirit of family. Before the show, I had too much coffee, so I was feeling pretty nervous! But in the end it was fine. In front of the judges this morning, we started to feel the pressure, but this afternoon was different. There were lots of people telling me I would win, in my family of course, but I didn’t think I could believe them, if I could let myself. I’m going to celebrate with the Elite team, especially the French team, because it’s the first time boys competed at the French National finals, and I’m the first French boy to win the EML World Final, so it’s an amazing moment for France. Just before the World Final, we had a real moment of national tragedy, so I’m very touched. Thank you for all those who follow me and supported me, I am grateful to you all.

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