Why I Love Aerobics With Marie Sykorova

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Everyone has a favourite way to relax. Marie tells us all about her number one way to get energised - aerobics. Marie represented the Czech Republic at the 35th EML World Final. Find out what makes aerobics her favourite way to stay on top of her game, who inspires her when she's far from home and her advice for anyone going to an EML casting this year!

How did you get into aerobics?

I’ve been doing aerobics for 6 years now. I saw an advert for classes, and I showed my mom – and she let me try it out. It was totally new, I didn’t have friends or family who did aerobics before me, although I had already tried gymnastics before.

How does aerobics make you feel?

Aerobics makes me feel unbelievable! It really fulfils me. I am lucky – I have a great team, and a great coach! What more can you ask for? And I always miss it when I’m away for model jobs. I try to train between two and three times a week. It depends how busy I am with modelling and school work! It’s quite hard to balance with modelling, so I practice at home.

How is aerobics different from other ways to workout?

It’s a very demanding sport. All sports are different, and aerobics can look like just bobbing around to music! But it’s so much more than that. Before someone judges it, they should try it out for themselves! I have started to assist my coach in training with children. It’s really great! She is really inspiring, I want to be like her. It’s not always easy, but it’s teaching me about patience.

You got Top 15 place at the 35th EML World Final! Tell us what the experience was like.

It was a really great experience, I tried a lot of things for the very first time. I’m thankful for the experience, and I would like to say a big thank you, not only to the team, but to the whole Elite agency and everyone in it, especially Elite Prague. I am proud of myself for what I achieved – and I tried to enjoy it and take the positive things from the experience.

Who or what inspires you?

Every day, my parents and my aerobics coach inspire me. They help me to push through and achieve my best, and reach for my goals in my model career. Right now, I’m in Tokyo, modelling. It’s a long way from home, but I know I’ll be home soon, so every day I look on the bright side of life and think: this is just the beginning!

You got into EML by attending a casting! What advice do you have for anyone wishing to participate in EML this year?

The most important thing is to stay calm, have no fear, and give it a go. You can only do your best, so make sure you do yourself proud, and trust that it will work out. Stay positive!

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