Where Is My Elite Model Look 2020 Casting?

2020 has proved an exceptional year for all of us. Physical castings for Elite Model Look 2020 have been suspended in all but a few countries due to Covid-19 (coronavirus).

The good news is you can still apply to Elite Model Look online! Agents are waiting for your application today.



In many countries, all public events have been prohibited for the safety and wellbeing of all. However, in some places, events have been permitted, and in these locations, castings are going ahead as planned. 


Where can I attend a casting? 

Castings can only take place this year in 2 locations: Czech Republic and Slovakia. If you live in one of these two countries, click to learn the details of the castings!


I don’t live in a country where there are castings! Can I still apply to Elite Model Look 2020?

Yes! You can go to EliteModelLook.com/Apply or download the app to begin. You will need up-to-date contact details, photos of yourself, and – if you are under 18 – authorisation from your parent/guardian.


With castings suspended, we are extra excited to receive your application online – our agents are waiting for you to get in touch!


Need an idea of the kind of photos we’re looking for? Check out our video guide here!