#askelite: What's Your Ultimate Beauty Tip?

Hair, skin and nails - self-care is not just about aesthetics, it's also about feeling good about yourself outside and in. We ask our models what the best thing they have ever learned when it comes to looking after how they look.

Joyce Bergevoet, EML Netherlands

My favourite beauty tip is to be happy as you are!

Ana Niksic, EML Croatia

Water is your best friend!

Bella Bihari, EML Hungary

Don't use too much makeup and take care of your skin, wash your face every morning and night with cold water!

Magson, EML Australia

After you have washed your face, splash cold water on it to close your pores. 

Carlotta Fusillo, EML Italy

I have one tip for everyone: have the courage to love your body, eat healthy food, do sports, love your imperfections and have fun! Take care of yourself both inside and out and don't listen to what others are saying because the only important thought is yours. 

Nina Cham, EML French West Indies

My favourite beauty tip is to always clean and hydrate my skin!


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