Playing Video Games With Ysaunny Brito

Model Life Mar 26

Ysaunny Brito was encouraged to apply for Elite Model Look in the Dominican Republic by a cousin who spotted her natural talent four years ago. She flew to China via Miami and Chicago to compete in the final in Shanghai and her career was born. This year alone, she has starred in Vogue Spain, Elle US and on the cover of DSECTION magazine with Balmain designer Olivier Rousteing and fellow Elite model Cindy Bruna

What’s your favourite game right now?

Grand Theft Auto 5 and Call of Duty, those are my favourite games, I can sit there the whole weekend and play. I just go shower because I need it and then keep playing the whole day! I’m crazy in love with videogames and I have a lot of them, I have all – every last video game that came out, I have it. 

Photo © Ezra Petronio

How long have you played for?

My whole life because my older brother, he used to play a lot, when the first Playstation came out and the Super Nintendo. I’m a 90s kid, I can’t change that! I love Super Mario and Mario Kart. Donkey Kong is a very good one too. It was the only one I used to play a lot Street Fighter. From the Playstation it was Grand Tourismo, it’s a car game.

Photo © Mario Sorrenti

Who do you play with?

I play with friends, my roommate in New York. I live with my friend Nelson, who’s a Dominican designer, I think he’s 23 or 24. He’s like my brother, I love him more than my friend, like family. There are a few models and you see them at the castings playing. They’re the ones that I always talk to, like I will go to them and try to be friends. It’s a good conversation starter and we have something to share. Natalie likes playing, she has a Playstation too. Also Jing Wen.

Photo © Sølve Sundsbø

Did you have favourite characters from games?

My favourite from Super Mario was Yoshi. He’s so cute and he’s a little less heavy so he was really fast in the game. When I was little I played with my brother - I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters, but they’re not all interested. My sister Gaudy is really bad at video games, she’s really really bad, she’s the type that moves the controls when she plays, like moving her face and her whole body! 

Who plays video games? Is it mostly guys or girls?

There are a lot of girls that play Nintendo, but a lot of guys play too. People think “oh I’m over 20, I have to act mature now” but if you play video games it doesn’t mean that you’re a kid, it just means you want to do more than sleep or do drugs [laughs] When I was growing up, I played with boys, and my parents always were worried they were trying to be my boyfriend. But it wasn’t like that, I was just playing Nintendo. I was more boy than the boys I think!

Photo © Liz Collins

If you could create a video game what would you create?

That’s a really hard question! I also play guitar so I would create a music game. There are a lot of them like Guitar Hero or the Rock Band but one that you can actually play with all your friends in the game like a virtual game, that would be amazing! You would just put on glasses and you can feel it, like you’re playing but you’re actually just moving your head.

What are the new games coming out soon that you’re most excited about?

I love The Last of Us. It’s a really good one so I always wait for anything like it. You need to look for something and kill something and it’s really hard to play. There are all these other characters who can kill you so easily and you have to know how to move the player and stuff and it’s not easy because they give you like 2 bullets and to kill 7 of them, so you need to actually wait for the moment and kill 2 at the same time, so it’s really hard and then look for the room for something else to kill them.

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