Victoria From Chile: Meet The Winner 2017

Victoria from Santiago has been chosen to represent Chile at the Elite Model Look World Final 2017. A fan of handball and the film Wild Child with Emma Roberts, Victoria shares more about herself below. Get to know her ahead of the biggest step in her model career yet.

Name: Victoria Moretti

Star sign: Sagittarius

Home town: Santiago, Chile

Follow me: @vic_moretti 

What has been the best part of Elite Model Look so far?

The best has been the experience of going to modelling classes! My sister saw an announcement of scouting on Instagram, that's how I found out about the competition. 

Choose one….

Personal chef or personal trainer? Personal chef (only if he can make me a lot of pizza)

Puma or Adidas? Adidas

Snakes or sharks? Sharks

Beach or pool? Beach

Pizza or Ibiza? Pizza in Ibiza!

Yoga or boxing? Boxing

Snapchat or Instagram? Definitively Snapchat

Sports car or SUV? Sports car

Cowboy or alien? Cowboy

What's your favourite...

Song: Bailame Despacio – Xsantos

Animal: Goat

Sport: Handball

Singer/Band: The Chainsmokers

Vacation destination: Beach

Quote: "Lose yourself to dance"

Film: Wild Child (2008)

Food: Pizza

Chocolate: Milk

Fashion icon: Cara Delevingne

Hero/heroine: My dad and my mom

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