Valentina Shemelina: Model Off Duty Style

We continue our series of model off-duty street style with photographer Melodie Jeng. Next, Elite model Valentina Shemelina shares her personal style tips from the streets of Barcelona.

Photo © Melodie Jeng

If we asked your friends, how would they describe your style?

I wouldn't know how to describe my style: I like comfortable and cozy clothes of course but it must looks fashionable and stylish. Also I prefer to wear clothes in which I feel very confident!

Who inspires your sense of style?

I don't have any style icons, but I get inspiration from my friends or from my mother. 

Photo © Melodie Jeng

Describe your perfect outfit!

The perfect outfit for me it's probably a simple black set like jeans and a shirt or dress but the most important things are the sunglasses, bag and cool shoes!

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