Vacation Snapshots From Elite Model Look Models

These models show how it’s done on vacation with their Instagram snapshots. From South Korea to Paris, from the French Riviera to the mountains of India, we take a look at our favourite shots of models relaxing around the world.

Photo © Aneta Mestanova via Instagram

Aneta Mestanova, EML Czech Republic

Say cheese! Aneta Mestanova hangs out with friends in her native Czech Republic.

Photo © Babs de Jongh via Instagram

Babs De Jongh, EML Netherlands

Taking a moment of calm, Babs de Jongh shared this photo from her vacation in the beautiful National Park of Plitvice Lakes in Croatia.

Photo © Chanel Asberg via Instagram

Chanel Asberg, EML Netherlands

Chanel Asberg gets retro with this old school photo while having a relaxing day on a boat.

Photo © Chiara Corridori via Instagram

Chiara Corridori, EML Italy

Chiara Corridori back to Cagliari, her hometown in Sardegna, in front of some street art.

Photo © Enika Mihalik via Instagram

Eniko Mihalik, EML Hungary

Eniko Mihalik enjoying the view above the river Duna in Budapest, Hungary. Cheers!

Photo © Jeremie Trojman via Instagram

Jeremie Trojman, EML France

Jeremie Trojman at MEOW in Paris. Is there a better way to catch the sunset in Paris than on a rooftop?

Photo © Zuzana Straska via Instagram

Zuzana Straska, EML Czech Republic

Zuzana Straska shows how there’s nowhere to relax quite like the beach.

Photo © Jessie Hsu via Instagram

Jessie Hsu, EML China

Jessie Hsu walking through a beautiful garden in South Korea.

Photo © Josephine Le Tutour via Instagram

Josephine Le Tutour, EML France

With her beautiful smile, Josephine Le Tutour wears white in the sunshine.

Photo © Maria Palm via Instagram

Maria Palm, EML Denmark

Maria Palm shared this beautiful beach photo taken in the French Riviera. The caption? “Yes we Cannes”!

Photo © Priyanka via Instagram

Priyanka, EML India

Priyanka looks serene breathing the fresh mountain air in Munnar, Kerela in India.

Photo © Siggi Steinar via Instagram

Siggi Steinar, EML Iceland

We love the warm colours of this wonderful sunset in Seoul shared by Siggi.

Photo © Baya Kolarikova via Instagram

Baya Kolarikova, EML Slovakia

Baya Kolarikova shared this picture from Munich and especially Marienplatz.

Photo © Greta Varlese via Instagram

Greta Varlese, EML Italy

The library is open! Greta Varlese takes a little break on the top of this staircase-slash-bookcase while visiting Venice.

Photo © Benjamin Aston via Instagram

Benjamin Aston, EML Switzerland

Benjamin Aston hanging out with Etienne Robert in Tokyo. What a gorgeous view!

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