The Power Of Doing New Things With The Class Of Elite Model Look 2017

Studies have shown time and again that successful people challenge themselves with new ideas and activities on a regular basis, to refresh their minds and stay out of their comfort zone. We asked previous Winners of Elite Model Look to share what they’ve been trying for the first time recently. From a brand new skills to new foods for the first time, they tell us how they’re keeping it fresh.

Mona Tougaard, EML Denmark

Last weekend, I went to the cinema with my family to see the new Tomb Raider film, with Alicia Vikander. I always hated action films before, but I found that I really loved it! I think I’ve been missing a lot – I’m 15 and it’s only now I find out how much I love action! Alicia Vikander is totally bad ass.

I want to start dancing soon, too, I’ve been talking about doing classes with my girlfriend for a while. I want to do street dance and hip hop, I think it’s so cool. Hip hop and street dancers seem to know their body really well, I want to feel my body more.

Valeria Chenskaya, EML Russia

I’ve started learning about Korean culture, because I’m going there to work in the summer, for two months. I have learned a lot about their food, and of course their music. I like it because their music videos are amazing! I’m not sure what I’ll have time for but I’d like to explore for sure. I will also start singing lessons after summer.

Valeria Buldinii, EML Italy

Since the weather has improved, I decided to start going out for a refreshing walk at least three times a week. Usually, I take my dogs with me so I can enjoy some time with them! As well as the walks, I’ve been working out, really trying my best each time I do, so I can get the most out of it.

I’m also watching as many films as I can, in English and in Russian to improve my language skills. In Russian, I loved watching “Sherlock: The Abomnible Bride” and “Unbelievable adventures of Italians in Russian”. In English I watched some really famous movies – Avatar and Titanic. They are all worth watching! My mom is Russian, from Khimiki in the Moscow region. I go to Moscow every summer and spend a month there, but sometimes my come here to Italy instead. I have lots of cousins on my mom’s side, she has a huge family!

Beatriz Machado, EML Brazil

I love doing new things! Recently, I started Muay Thai, it’s so fun, and I started yoga. I have been reading a lot, I read three books that were all mysteries, they were good. I’ve been eating a lot of avocados recently too – I think I’m in love with them! (laughs) I want to travel this year too – to Lisbon in Portugal, or to Thailand. 

Henrike Dietershagen, EML Germany

I started kickboxing aerobic last fall, because I love the mix between fitness and boxing.  And I also tried regular boxing, because you can beat all your anger in a punching bag and after the training you feel much more balanced after! I‘m doing both sport activities with my friend Pauli and we have so much fun together every training. After doing sport I feel much more calm and I‘m happy because I have made the most of the day.

Alessandro Caroppo, EML Italy

In the last few months, I learned to use Rhinoceros 3D, a three-dimensional modelling program to create any object. It’s really cool, you can literally make anything. So far, I have made a champagne bucket, a table for children that is shaped like a mushroom, a strange kind of chair, and a juicer! I also tasted cocoa paste for the first time, it’s so bitter but I love it so much.

Nana Rezn, EML Ukraine

I'm going to colonize Mars. Now I will jump on the garage, then space will be ours. I would like to try Martian food, explore the Martian flora and fauna and open a mountain ski resort there....

Mustafa Godhrawala, EML India

A new film I saw recently was the superhero movie Black Panther, because I'm a big fan of Marvel. The first face-to-face showdown between T'Challa and Erik was the real highlight of the film for me. As great as the first fight with M'Baku was, it had nothing on the king and his long-lost cousin's first battle at Warrior Fals. Killmonger removing his shirt to reveal hundreds of markings of all of his slain victims all over his body was so impactful because of Erik's explanation that this was the moment he had been preparing for his whole life. 

Siggi Steinar, EML Iceland

I recently started fixing old cars, cleaning them up and making them look like they are new. The last car I fixed was a Honda Civic 98. I fixed the brakes, the exhaust pipe and some problems with the gears, and I added a subwoofer so there is an insane audio system in the car! Then I cleaned the engine bay and the car itself. Me and my friends are going to an annual event in Akureyi in Iceland called Bíladagar á Akureyri – which translates as car days!

Renée Immink, EML Netherlands

Recently, I have been making a wall at home in my room with all the positive and funny quotes. Things like: "friends pick us up when we fall down, and if they can;t pick us up, they lie down and listen for a while." I started with the quotes because it gives me a good feeling. I got my first quote from a good friend when I went to Milan, and it brought me luck!!

Han Van Wijnsberghe, EML Belgium

Recently, I started working really hard at school. I want to graduate in three months and start working full time as a model. So I’m working really hard! My favourite subjects are maths and history. My best study tip is that you have to look at the bigger picture and set goals to motivate yourself! In three months, I will be able to chase my dreams to the fullest! I want to study economics in the future, so I can be an entrepreneur – I’d like to start a menswear fashion business, because I think there is still a lot of room for improvement in that market.

Petra Ugljarevic, EML Croatia

I’m really focused on school right now, because I have a lot of exams, but I’ve started to do boxing a few weeks ago because I always wanted to try that. I always looked like a lot of fun and I finally found the time to try it recently. Now, I think I needed it for a long time! I’ve always done yoga to relax, but I feel like boxing is a hundred times better for me because it helps me to reduce my stress after studying and it keeps me in shape. My friend and I have a boxing coach. And spring holidays start soon, so I can’t wait to read some new books…. 

Lissa Doroshenko, EML Kazakhstan

I read a really good book recently, Stinging in Thorns by Colin McCalou. I have also started yoga, it's really relaxing and I love the flexibility it gives me. I go to yoga classes, and I do yoga at home too.

Misha Tyulin, EML Russia

Recently, I started going to the theatre with some friends, and I have really fallen in love with it. Grenholm Method and Medea are two of the plays I have seen. 

Natasa Kostova, EML Slovakia

I started trampolining  at a local fitness centre. It's so much fun! I go to a class where everyone is on their own mini trampoline, a little bit like spinning - but on trampolines! Or I jump on my own, I try to jump for up to an hour. I also started to draw, it's a really great way to relax. My new favourite school subject is biology and my favourite TV serial is The Walking Dead.

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