Tools Of Success: Get The Boot Camp Beauty Look

Beauty Nov 22
At the boot camp, a team of hair and makeup artists are working their magic on the models, making sure they look as polished as possible for the camera. They are using hair appliances by Rowenta for Elite Model Look and beauty products by Beautik. We sat down with Beppe D’Elia, who is overseeing the hair stylists, and Daniele Lorusso, in head of the makeup team, to find out how to get the boot camp look.

Beppe, can you tell me about the hair?

Today, the hair is is very natural, it’s a boot camp, so it’s important to have beautiful hair like in a fashion show, but it’s important that they look like they might in real life. They are really beautiful, so my job is not too difficult!

Did you change any of the models’ styles for the World Final?

Some of the girls have extensions because their hair is very fine. We just wanted to accentuate the individual beauty of each model and make them look their best. Doris from Austria has these amazing eyes, beautiful skin, but when she arrived, her hair was a bit old school. We gave her a fringe and an English bob, which suits her much better.

Which products do you use?

For this look, I am using a dry shampoo and a thickening spray. I also use a surf spray, when you want texture and really beautiful hair, it’s important for the salt. It makes it easier to style. We also use a big iron, it’s good for the softer looks, it’s more feminine. We don’t want it to be too stiff or to have too much of a curl, that’s an old style. The Rowenta for Elite Model Look iron are really good. It’s hard to find such a good product at an affordable level. They make the hair very shiny because the Liss and Curl has keratin in it.

Can you give us any tips about how to get this look?

We gave the hair a wave using the iron and working the hair in a criss-cross. Take each section of hair and curl it in different directions so that it falls in a way that doesn’t look overworked. It gives it a really natural, relaxed shape. We didn’t want big haute couture hair, just to make it look really good. For the boys, I straightened the hair a little before I started, not so that it was straight, but to make it easier to style.

Is it easy to do at home?

Actually, it’s quite hard to get it looking just right. It doesn’t look like much, but it’s easy to over style it. Fashion hair styling is different from what happens in a salon, that is a completely different technique. In fashion shoots like this, it’s much lighter in style. With the Rowenta tools, you just want to give the hair a little bit of movement, so you use the hair iron but not holding it too long.

Daniel, what are you doing with the models today?

I am also doing a really natural look, the idea is to have a nude effect on the face. I think it’s good for young skin, people who don’t have too many imperfections on their skin. It’s good for every day: for school, for work.

How can people get this look?

For the World Final, we are using products by Beautik. I only use concealer – no foundation – because it’s a really soft, nude look, and skincare is really important. I use moisturising cream, so the skin is flawless. I use a blotting paper without any powder in it, just the paper to remove the excess oil.

How important is skincare?

It’s really important. Every night before you go to sleep, you need to use a cleanser, a moisturising cream. I use different moisturisers for different types of skin, oil-free for really oily skin, really intense cream for really dry skin.

What’s the most important thing for young people to do to look after their skin?

The most important step is to clean the skin properly, every morning, and every night before you go to sleep. It’s also important to eat well; the best thing is fruits and vegetables, to clean the skin from the inside, and to drink lots of water.

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