What Went Down At The Elite Model Look Austria Final 2017

Competition News June 30
Last week, the final of the Elite Model Look Austria competition was held in Vienna. Organiser Roberta told us: "For the first time our final was in an open air location. It was beautiful. In the end, the group of finalists was great."

Finalists ahead of the show

Roberta told us: "Our highlight this year was a fashion show in the garden. First, Hvala Ilija, a fashion design student with amazing, modern pieces – he was the winner of the Fashion For Tomorrow, the design competition we started 3 years ago. And afterwards, as a final show, the Fall/Winter 2017 collection by Falconeri."

Backstage preparation

In the makeup chair

The runway show

2016 Winners Alia and Florentin

Finalists on the catwalk


Getting ready

Winners of Elite Model Look Austria 2017 Matthias and Antonia

Roberta said: "As guest judges, we had Giorgio Marrapodi, the Italian Ambassdor in Austria, Davide De Rosse, National Manager of the Calzedonia Group, Uschi Fellner, publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Look! Magazine. Our advice to the winners is to be yourself and to focus on your career."

Winners Antonia and Matthias with Organiser Roberta Manganelli (left) and Elite International Scout Monika Kielczewska (right)

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