Ruth Bell's Guide To London

Travel Apr 7
In this series, the models give their inside tips on their favourite places. Originally from Dover in Kent, the punk beauty and Elite Model Look 2013 winner Ruth Bell shows us around the London.

Photo © Olly Scott

Richmond Park

I love Richmond park with all the deer. I’ve shot a lot of things there, it’s so beautiful. I only shot there in winter, but still. It’s gorgeous! I’d love to spend more time there in summer, it’s a total escape. 

Photo © Victoria and Albert Museum London

Victoria and Albert Museum

I’m really into the V&A Museum, I’ve been like a billion times. That’s my favourite museum, I really like the jewellery bit. I don’t wear much jewellery, but it’s so pretty. I went to an exhibition there with all of Diana’s dresses, it was really cool. I didn't get to go to the Alexander McQueen exhibition, which I was really annoyed about, because I was so busy. Ironically, it was because I had just shot the McQueen campaign!

Kew Gardens

I also really like Kew Gardens, which is nearby. My mum used to take me and my sister May there, because she’s into gardening. There’s an amazing bridge that goes through the tops of the trees, it’s such a magical place.

Photo © via Instagram


If I go out in the evening, I’m more of a pub person than a bar person, because I usually just want to rock up in jeans. I’m not really a club person but it depends, sometimes when I’m out already I can be persuaded! There’s lots of really nice pubs in Angel, I really like the Islington area in general. There’s some great pubs in London Bridge too, like the Old King’s Head. Pubs are great if you have been working all day and want to just go and unwind. I usually end up finding a nice one close to wherever I am, there’s always a lovely pub around the corner in most places in London.

Wolf & Badger, 46 Ledbury Rd

I prefer boutiques to big shopping centres, and there’s so many great ones in London, like Wolf & Badger. I like quirky things - my mum bought me a crazy jumper recently, it’s black and woolly with a big hood. I got a holdall too with tweed and leather. When I find eccentric things, I get really happy! I’m going to start turning up to shows in paisley shirts with a smoking jacket, it will be fabulous.

Korean food

I’m starting to get really into Thai food, and I love Vietnamese. There’s a lot of nice Vietnamese places around Hoxton, although I’m not much of an East London girl, despite what people might think! But I there’s amazing places to eat around there. I’m also discovering Korean food. I love that you can eat whatever you want here.

Other/shop, 21 Kingly St

I used to be quite girly and wear blouses, and never jeans, but I have changed. Now I’m more into menswear shops. I really like shops near Carnaby Street, like Other/shop. It’s a little bit cheaper, it’s more comfy, and I prefer the fit! For example, if I was to buy a woman’s shirt, they are shaped in a certain way, and they look funny on my, but I prefer the way guy’s shirts look on me. My sister May gets really angry at me, but I just prefer the way I look in guy’s clothes!

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