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Ruben Rua stars in his first feature film role in Portugese drama Leviano, directed by Justin Amorim, a sun-kissed story of love and loss set in his native Portugal. Ruben started his career with Elite Model Look in 2005. As well as modelling, he now runs the men’s division at Elite Lisbon and is catwalk coach at Elite Model Look, as well as presenting on Portuguese channel TVi and collaborating on design projects with brands like Rufel. We caught up with Ruben to find out what it was like to fit in filming around all of his commitments, acting for the silver screen for the first time and getting in shape for the role. 

You star in the new film Leviano – tell us about your character!

Gonçalo is a sexy young boy in love with an older woman. She is rich and he enjoys the good life she can afford, but despite that, he truly loves her. Leviano is a drama movie, very modern and it's a lesson about relationships, between my character, his brothers, his girlfriend Anita (Anabela Teixeira) and her daughters….

How did you get cast for the role?

The director Justin Amorim requested me for the casting through Elite and everything started from there… I got the role and Leviano will be out on 5th July! I am really proud to be part of this Portuguese film. I am super happy and grateful for had this chance in my life. Leviano was an experience I will never forget.

Did you have to get in shape for the role?

Not really… you know I try to be in shape during all the year - but of course I did my best for Gonçalo! (laughs)

Photo © Ruben Rua via Instagram

It was filmed in the Algarve in Portugal. What was it like to film there?

Yes, all the movie is filmed in Algarve. It was super nice to be there. I love that place and I go there on my holidays every year with my family since I was born! It perfectly suits the story and the energy of the south was very inspirational for all the team. Shooting was a bit hard for me, because I was working in other projects at the same time so I was going and coming from the south very often… many nights with no sleeping… but in the end, it was worth it because dreams come true!

Photo © Ruben Rua via Instagram

What were the challenges of doing the movie?

It was my first experience as an actor. Everything was new… everything was different. I felt like it was this super talented cast and me… you know what I mean? (laughs) Especially when you are a model, people kind of judge you, it´s very hard to be a model and also work as an actor. You have to work a lot, to respect this job a lot, to take a your place, to be humble and to grab the opportunity when it comes.  On the other hand, as I was involved in other projects, I was coming and going to the Algarve very often. I could be Ruben, or Gonçalo, or so many other things in the same day!

It is the first film directed by Justin Amorim – what is he like to work with as a director?

Justin is truly great. He is super talented and it´s just unbelievable that he is just 25. In my opinion he has everything to become a really big movie director. It was my pleasure to be part of Leviano and I owe him a lot! 

Photo © Ruben Rua via Instagram

LA is the centre of Hollywood – would you ever move there?

I love the USA, especially LA and New York. I would consider to live there if the right project comes up… Yes! I don´t really plan to become an actor in future, but I am open to have more experiences, especially in films. 

Photo © Ruben Rua via Instagram

Finally… Do you have any special advice for the people applying to Elite Model Look in 2018?

Give it your best, be yourself and enjoy the experience. EML is a life changing moment… it was for me. Welcome to the biggest modeling contest in the world. And see you in the World Final!

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