Petra From Croatia: Meet The Winner 2017

The latest country to announce their winners of Elite Model Look 2017 is Croatia! They named one girl and one boy as the two models who will represent Croatia at the World Final 2017. We get to know Petra with this quickfire Q&A below.

Full name: Petra Ugljareni

Star sign: Cancer

Hometown: Osijek, Croatia

Follow me:  @ugljarevic_petra

What is your favourite…

Song: “I took a pill in Ibiza” by Mika Posner

Animal: Dog

Colour: Red

Sport: Football

Vacation destination: French Alps    

Food: Strawberries or spinach

Choose one….

Pizza or Ibiza? Pizza

Morning or night? Morning

Disco or punk? Disco

Snapchat or Instagram? Instagram

Sports car or SUV?  SUV

Puma or Adidas? Puma

Motorbike or magic carpet? Magic carpet 

How did you hear about Elite Model Look?

I heard about the competition online.

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