Oscar Robertson's Shwinggg Baba Boom Playlist

In this series, we have been asking Elite models to craft a hit list of their favourite songs exclusively for you. This week, Oscar Robertson shares his best tunes to chill out to on the aptly named Shwinggg Baba Boom playlist. "This is what I’ve been listening to recently," he told us. "It's suitable for all times of day, I'd say. Its got a lot of old Rhythm & Blues meets dark smokey rock n roll with a hint of hip hop."

Click the Spotify playlist below to listen, and kick back with Oscar's favourite beats. 

When he's not modelling, Oscar is one half of the duo Sunglasses for Jaws with his pal David Barton. Click here to listen to the new Sunglasses for Jaws album Thank God I've Got My Jacket.

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