Fashion Week Files: Nyasha Matonhodze

More and more designers have shows with the women's and men's collections together. Nyasha Matonhodze won Elite Model Look UK in 2009 and recently walked in shows at men's fashion week in London. She is currently starring on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar alongside Elite models Megan Bull, Amelia Rami, Anya Langoshina and Lulu Valentine. We caught up with her backstage at Maison Mihara Yasuhiro.

How was Maison Mihara Yasuhiro show for you?

It was amazing! It was in the Barbican Conservatory, so you’ve got the plants, it feels like you’re in a garden, it was really lovely. Usually, a catwalk is just a straight stage but today, the plants makes it more peaceful and the music was... there was no noise in the background, you could drop a pin. The men’s shows are a bit more chilled. I feel with women’s there’s a lot more pressure because the preparation is a lot longer. At the men’s shows, there’s less preparation so it’s a bit more mellow. There’s not as much pressure to get ready quickly, so it was nice to be calm.

What's it like to do a men's fashion show?

Yeah, I’ve never done it before, this was my first experience of walking in a men’s fashion show. There’s only three girls on this show. I think, for me, it’s just a different experience. I can’t say it’s better because when you’re with girls you know you’re friends and you have people to talk to. It is mellow, it’s just chilled. It’s a new experience for me so I’m just enjoying the fact that this is my first men’s show.

Did you have a good Christmas break?

Christmas was amazing. I spent it all with my family so that’s why I feel refreshed to come back to work. Because I’ve taken a break and now I’m back into the manicness of LFW, so I’m definitely happy to have the work. I love my job. I am looking forward to women’s fashion week because it’s my comeback season, so for me there’s a lot pressure that I put on myself, I’m really intrigued and anxious to know what’s going to happen. I’m excited, but really nervous at the same time. It’s my first season back after a long break. Exciting, but very nerve wracking.

What is your next show?

My next show is Belstaff! I just did Berthold, it was good. It was a presentation on a runway, so we did six altogether, which was walk and then you let people see what you were wearing and then we repeated it six times. It was kinda chilled, it went so quickly. Normally, you stand for a really long time and they give you breaks, but, it went quickly because we were constantly moving. I enjoy it when it’s like that.

What are you doing to prepare for women's fashion week in February?

For me, it’s making sure I’m in the right measurements. I am into fitness. I’m drinking a lot of water and eating a lot of vegetables so I’ve gone on a cleanse. When I say Christmas was refreshing, it was because I was chilling with my family, and now I’m drinking green juices and eating green vegetables, so it’ll be worth it in the end. I feel like I bulk quite easily so I’m now staying away from sports and intensive weights so I’m doing a lot of swimming, very light exercises. I just want to be lean and my body responds quickly to muscle.

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