Nana From Ukraine: Meet The Winner 2017

The latest Winner of Elite Model Look comes from Kharkov, Ukraine. Nana is a morning person with a passion for all things horseriding. Her favourite fashion icon is Alla Kostromichova. Learn more about her below.

Name: Nana Reznichenko

Star sign: Aquarius

Hometown: Kharkov, Ukraine

Follow me: @nana_rezn

Choose one….

Cowboy or alien? Cowboy

Matching tattoos or tea for two? Tea for two

Personal chef or personal trainer? Trainer

Motorbike or magic carpet? Magic carpet

Hot fudge or melted caramel? Melted caramel

Beach or pool? Pool

Morning or evening? Morning

Yoga or boxing? Yoga

Sports car or SUV? Sports car

What’s your favourite….

Animal: Horse

Colour: Green

Sport: Horseback riding

Song: "Sound the Bugle" from the film Spirit

Vacation destination: A stable next to forest somewhere

Film: Ruffian (United States, 2007)

Food: Fruits

Emoji: :-)

Chocolate: Milk

Fashion icon: Alla Kostromichova

Hero: Harry Potter

Current obsession: Horses

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