My Workout Playlist: Natalia Viñas

Wellbeing EML Spain

Natalia Viñas participated in Elite Model Look in Spain just a year ago, and is now an Elite model. She loves to work out, and shares her special playlist for staying in the game when she feels the burn.

What sports are you into?

Since I was little, I have played sports regularly. I have always liked personal defence and martial arts. When I was 5 years old, I started doing karate as an extracurricular activity and at 15, I became interested in kick boxing and I started practising it too. I had to stop doing both of these two years ago, because I didn’t have time around studying. Now I go to the gym, I do Pilates and I like to go out for a run. However, as soon as I finish second year of high school I plan to start karate and kick boxing again and to start skating lessons, which I have loved since I was little.

How do you relax?

I love escaping to the countryside for long walks, if I have a little free time I like to go with my dogs around my hometown and get lost on the roads. I enjoy the silence and the beautiful views of nature.

Sports have always been a very important part of my day to day life. Although I've tried a lot over the years- basketball, badminton, dancing, Pilates, besides karate and kick boxing - I'm definitely staying with the last two, which have helped me improve my self-confidence, reduce all the negative energy and stress and help me to feel strong and unstoppable. These are the songs that help me get motivated and moving!


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