My Instagram Detox By Eva Bus


Elite model Eva Bus knew she needed to change the way she was on social media when she found it was getting her down: “For a while I felt like I was on my phone 24/7. Every funny/beautiful/stupid thing I saw, I thought, this must go up on my Instagram

But at one point, I started thinking: ‘Why do I feel this need?’ It’s not natural at all, and especially not at all me, to always be showing off. So I decided to delete Instagram for a week. No peeking, no posting, nothing. I also kept a diary with how I was feeling everyday! I hope y’all enjoy reading it and take some inspiration away from it!”

Read Eva's diary of her week off Instagram below - and read her social media survival guide here!

Day 1

This first day I was working in Manchester for the day! I took a really early train to get there from London and had the most chilled out train ride ever. I was working all day on set so wasn’t really tempted to look at my phone anyway since it was in a different room! Also at lunch I barely looked at my phone because there were so many lovely ladies to talk to :). The train ride back was a little harder though! It’s approximately two hours, so after a while I really wanted to look. But instead of looking at Instagram I picked up a book that I’ve been trying to get through for about two weeks. The book is Travelling to Infinity by Jane Hawking, Stephen Hawking’s wife. It tells her side of the story of being married to Stephen and how she experienced all of it. Super interesting to read and I would recommend it if you’re looking for a new book!

Photo © Eva Bus via Instagram

Day 2

I honestly slept so well!!! I think also because I was home late after a long day of work, but my brain feels a lot less busy and chaotic since I’m living in my own world a little more. Still, though, I can’t deny, my first instinct after waking up was to grab my phone and look at my Instagram. But I didn’t!! I was working today again and at lunchbreak I read my book and ate my food. Also now, after lunch, I felt a lot more rested to get back to work! In the evenings it’s the hardest to not look at my phone all the time, because when I get tired and don’t really feel like reading anymore I feel like picking up my phone…

Day 3

…Instead of picking up my phone in the evening I fell asleep at 10 pm!! Which honestly makes me feel so good every morning I wake up. I had work again today, so basically did the same thing as yesterday. After work today I went to the gym and finished my workout sooo much faster than I usually do! It honestly took 30 or 45 minutes less to do everything at the gym (workout + shower + get dressed). After the gym I got home pretty late, made dinner and drank a lot of tea until I fell asleep.

Photo © Eva Bus via Instagram

Day 4

It has been a long time since I actually felt rested after waking up! I always felt like my brain wasn’t really “sleeping” and that I woke up with the same fuzzy head that I went to sleep with. Now, since I  “cut out” Instagram (like cutting out carbs from your diet!) I feel so much more well rested, and I also have a lot more spare time. I worked again today and hit the gym afterwards. I feel a lot more rested and am so happy since my phone battery actually lasts from 7 am to 9 pm (when I get home!). I also finished my book that I couldn’t get through for two weeks!! Now I finished it in four days which makes my brain very very happy.

Photo © Eva Bus via Instagram

Day 5 - 7

This weekend I worked out a little, started a new book and met up with some friends! I really don’t think about Instagram that much and it doesn’t come up in my mind anymore. I was even getting really annoyed with my friends whenever they’d scroll through their Instagram while we were hanging out together. I was like ‘hello?? I thought we were meeting up lol are the people in your phone more important?’ (I still love my friends!!!!;)). I didn’t do that much other stuff in the weekend, was just chilling most of the time. The new book I’m reading is You’re a Badass by Jane Sincero. It’s all about how to have a bit more self love, and working on yourself. I really recommend it!

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