Model Caroline Wendelin Talks Her Very First Art Exhibition

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This month, Caroline Wendelin is showing her art for the first time in public. A model with Elite Barcelona, Caroline has been creating art in her down time between model jobs under the name Triconica. This marks her first exhibition, held in Marbella, Spain, where she is based, at Starz Restaurant until the end of May. Caroline started her model career with Elite Model Look Spain in 2015. Read on to find out her inspirations, methods and model tips.

What does it feel like to have your first exhibition?

I get a tingling sensation when I think about it! Most of all, I feel grateful for all the help in organising the exhibition, both from my friends and family. It’s the first step into making a career out of a passion, and that’s an amazing feeling. Both my parents are artists so I’ve been close to art since I was a child; but I started dedicating my time more seriously about a year ago.

Photo © Caroline Wendelin

You make a lot of collages, which is cool! How do you make them?

I use personal drawings and photographs, historical art materials and mass media sources and fuse them together using a graphics tablet. I love painting by hand because it gives a personal and human touch to the final artwork, but I also use a graphics tablet and a computer to create effects which I couldn’t do by hand.

You’re based in Marbella! What is it like to live there? Does it inspire you as a place?

I enjoy living here because I have everything I love; my family, my three dogs, the good weather, the delicious food, the beach and the mountain. People often relate Marbella with nightlife and tourism, but that’s only one of the many things here; the nature is beautiful and there are tons of outdoor activities you can do all year long. My home is right next to the sea, which is one of the things which inspires me the most.

Photo © Caroline Wendelin

Is it difficult to balance being a model and an artist, or does fashion inspire you?

Everything can be a source of inspiration, and the modelling world is full of beautiful images and creative work. It is hard to balance sometimes, of course, as each profession requires time and dedication. On top of that, I try to find time for music, as playing the piano is also a passion, and I’m working on some songs together with my sister.


Photo © Caroline Wendelin

Is there a message behind your work?

I think in our current society, we are challenging the idea of what it means to be human, as we can optimize our bodies, expand our minds and create total connectivity with each other through technology, which is fascinating but also terrifying at the same time. I believe we are increasingly controlled by consumerism and narcissistic behavior and I try to find a way out of this, which is difficult. I think one way is through the contemplation of different forms of art.

You took part in Elite Model Look in 2015 – what did the competition teach you?

Through the competition, I learned to feel confident about myself and to stand in front of a crowd without getting too nervous. I started to discover important models and photographers and this made me try out photography, which I still use today in my artworks. Thanks to Elite and these last years of modeling, I’ve traveled the world and met incredible people, which is an immensely valuable experience. My advice for this year's Finalists is to show confidence. Be friendly. Follow a healthy lifestyle. And don’t compare yourself to the infinite number of other models and influencers on social media!

Photo © Caroline Wendelin

What is your next project you are working on?

I’m preparing my second exhibition, which means a lot of meetings, long days painting and having to make decisions which aren’t always easy. At the same time, I’m still defining my personal art style, which is the hardest part.

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