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Model Life EML France

Margot Baget had a year-long journey to entering Elite Model Look France before she took part in the 2015 contest. Although she did not win, she later signed with Elite, and is now a model across a few of the major network agencies. Hailing from the south of France, she talks to us about what the contest taught her, missing the sun when she’s far from home and her love of Chanel handbags.

You first became a model through Elite Model Look – tell us about that!

I did Elite Model Look, but when I first took part, I was too young, I was 14 years old, so I waited a year and took part the next year. I did the castings, and I was in the final. I wasn’t scouted - I used to do dance, I did modern jazz, and it was my teacher who told me about an Elite Model Look casting, they talked to me a lot about what it would be like to be a model. My grandmother actually had a couture school, where they taught young people how to make clothes, so she had been showing me couture sewing techniques, and that had always interested me, so I ask, “why not?” I am from Marseille, so my mum took me to the casting in Nice, and then that was it.

When did you take part in the contest?

I took part in 2015, I didn’t win, but after I was offered a contract with Elite. I did the Final in Paris at the Palais de Tokyo, I was super excited because it was the first time doing something like that, although I was nervous of falling on the catwalk! I had a beautiful dress, it was white and very long, I had never worn heels before and I had Louboutin heels – very high – so I had to practise walking, and it was fine. It was fun, I got close to Mary Dussarat, we got on really well together.

What did Elite Model Look teach you?

It taught me that I need to speak English! I also learned that being a model is a serious career, and that if I want to do it, I need to really go for it. It’s hard work – you can’t just click your fingers and become a top model overnight, you need to go to castings and all the rest. It’s simple, really, but I think it taught me that it’s tiring and hard work. I saw things that way – you have to travel a lot, be far from your family and friends, you’re always missing something that’s going on at home, but it’s worth it.

Which Elite agencies did you sign with after taking part?

At first, I mainly worked with Elite Paris, and later, I signed with Elite London and Barcelona. I didn’t sign with Milan til later – I went first to meet them, to say hello, and then later I signed. I’m really happy to be working with all the Elite agencies so far, it’s good to have this opportunity.

What inspires you?

For me, it is to succeed, and to be happy. To do what I want, to spend time with the people I love, and to enjoy life as it comes. With my boyfriend, I love going shopping with him, or to the beach in St Tropez, it’s so cool, or to parties, at Niki Beach or places like that – it’s big parties on the beach, they are really cool. I have a pool at home, so we often hang out at home. I love the sun, when I travel to colder places, I miss it!

What are you interested in outside work?

I have a boyfriend, so I spend a lot of my free time with him. He lives in Marseille, just near it, but he works too so we hang out when we’re both free. I’m still in school, I will be finishing this summer, so I’m often studying. I spend a lot of time with my family too. And that’s it! I don’t really do any sports – I do like shopping, but I have no huge passions outside modelling! I absolutely love shopping though. I like the big designers like Dior, Valentino Chanel… I wear brands like Topshop, Zara, I have a few pieces by Valentino. I wear a bit of everything. At the moment, I love the Givenchy boots! They are quite expensive, but I love them! I’d would love a Chanel bag too – the classic one. I love Hermes too!

What are your tips for people taking part in Elite Model Look this year?

Have a lot of energy! And you need to want to do it, because if not, there’s no point. For me, it was my dream to be a model, so it was a bit like my dream was coming true – but I’d advise people to smile, and to have good energy. Voilà!

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