My Model Beauty Routine: Zara Bicha

Beauty July 11

Zara Bicha represented Portugal at the Elite Model Look World Final in 2016 when it was held in her home city, Lisbon. At the Final, she won a place in the Top 15. We caught up with Zara to find out how she looks after her skin and hair every day, and her hottest tip for keeping both radiant and fresh between model jobs. 

What is your morning skincare routine?

My skincare routine is very simple. I wash my face every morning with a cleaning gel and then I moisturise it with some cream or sun protector, depending on the weather. That’s it!

What is the best thing you can do for your skin?

I think less is more when it comes to my skin. I make sure not to put too much products or makeup on my face because I feel like sometimes my skin needs to breathe. Drink lots of water and eat a healthy diet and your skin will glow!

Do you use sun protector in summer?

Yes I do! I think it is so important to protect your skin from the sun because my face is very sensitive when it comes to the sun, it can be really dangerous. It also prevents you from getting sun marks and wrinkles!

What do you do for your skin in the evening?

In the evening I wash my face and apply moisturiser or some oil once in a while. I like to use coconut oil.

Do you use any masks or special products?

I like to use a clay mask once every two weeks, it clears my skin and makes it very soft. I never had a facial and I don’t have any skin care treatments.

What do you use on your hair? Any special products?

Hair is something really important for me. I like to make sure I take some time to do a mask two times a week and leave it for at least half an hour. I use a shampoo, a mask and an oil from the brand Kérastase and I love it. I feel like my hair really looks the best with these products. 

What is your favourite hairstyle?

I love wearing my hair long and wavy. I don’t think I could ever cut all of my hair because I feel like it’s part of my personality.

What is the best advice you can give for hair?

I think that using good products and making sure that you hydrate and don’t overwash your hair is the best is going to make your hair really nice! I also try to reduce the amount of heat I use. You can use heated hair tools to get some amazing styles, but only use them when you need them!

Who is your hair “icon” – maybe a celebrity or singer or film star who has amazing hair you love?

I love Sarah’s Marie Nagel hair. She is a YouTuber that shares her health care routine for her hair. I think her long thick hair is so beautiful!

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