My Model Beauty Routine: Mathilde Charuet

Good skincare and hair routines are as important to a model’s work as diet and fitness. In the next in this series, we ask Mathilde Charuet for her beauty 9 to 5. Mathilde won Top 15 at the Elite Model Look World Final 2015 in Milan, Italy. She starred in some of our beauty tutorials, which you can see here.

Which was your favourite Rowenta tutorial to film?

I love the vampy waves! It was inspired by the John Richmond Fall 2016 show. I always use the Rowenta hair dryer to dry my hair, and if I want to get my hair perfectly smooth, I complete with the Rowenta straightener I always carry with me when I travel!

What type of hair do you have?

My hair is very thick and dry. Usually, I use just two products - an anti dandruff shampoo, and a nourishing conditioner. I don’t wash my hair every day - just 3 or 4 times a week is enough for me! This way, it doesn’t get too dry, so I don’t need extra treatment masks.

Tell us about your skincare routine.

When I get up, I wash my face with a natural soap and apply a light day cream. Then, I apply a BB cream as a foundation and I follow with my daily makeup. At night, I remove my makeup and wash my face, I apply an acne cream and a special nighttime serum. It’s really important to go to sleep with fresh skinwash.

Your nickname on Instagram in Matcha. Do you drink Matcha green tea?

No! [laughs] but I would like to try it one day! I hear it's very good for you.

What’s your skincare secret?

I swear by the old wive’s tale - brewer’s yeast! I put in all my salads and it is beneficial for the skin, the hair as well as the nails! But in general, I try to eat as many fruit and vegetables as I can, and avoid high fat, high-sugar and high-salt foods. I love hot soup in the evening before bed, too.

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