My First Fashion Week With Majda John Peters

Just two months ago, Majda John Peter took part in the Elite Model Look World Final 2022 and won. Hailing from South Sudan, Majda impressed the judges to land a top model contract with Elite. She landed on her feet at Paris Fashion Week where she walked at four major shows; Dries Van Noten, Acne Studios, Off-White and Valentino. We caught up with Majda to find out what it was like.

You just won Elite Model Look 2022 recently. How did it feel to walk at fashion week right after?

Winning Elite Model Look 2022 was a dream come true for me and a platform that has empowered me to face my future and fears and fight for what I believe in. I learnt so much about the business of fashion and modeling in general. Walking Paris Fashion Week SS23 was also another major dream come true for me because it made me believe that dreams are valid when you put in the work and work super hard! Watching the professionalism and how efficient all designers, stylists, makeup artists and creatives are plus their passion for what they do has made me more passionate about my career as a fashion model as well.

Photo © Dries Van Noten

When did you find out you had booked your first show?

After some test shoots and series of development in Paris, my lovely booker Lilly called me to let me know I was confirmed for Dries Van Noten! I was speechless and beyond surprised that I was going to debut with an iconic brand! I still treasure this day up to now.

Photo © Valentino

What was your favorite show and why?

To be honest I loved all the shows I walked this season because I believe they were all strong top tier shows- Dries Van Noten, Acne Studios, Off-White and Valentino! All designers and the creative teams put in so much time, effort and resources to make all these exquisite collections so I enjoyed walking for all of them! Valentino booked me further for looks as well so I will forever be grateful! It was an amazing season.

Where were you staying? What was it like?

I stayed at the Elite model apartment in central Paris, it’s a house with models from different countries. All girls have strong different personalities and I learnt a lot from all of them. I have grown as a person staying with different people from different countries in this model house and this has opened my mind more to learn much more about cultures.

Did you see anyone who you met during Elite Model Look?

Yes I met some of my mentors and bookers that I now work with a lot in Paris and I must say it feels like family already working with Elite!

Photo © Off-White

What was the most surprising thing for you during fashion week?

It’s a tough job! A model has like 10 castings a day and you have to show your personality at all of them! Plus, staying mentally stable is also not that easy because there is a lot of rejection, waiting, and your patience is tested to the fullest. But above all, it was a beautiful experience at all the castings, go sees, fittings, shows because I learnt so much so much on the job more about the business of fashion and modeling in general.

Photo © Acne Studios

What are you looking forward to next season?

I am looking forward to working with more designers and I dream of the day I will walk Prada! I look forward to meeting the casting directors more and learn as much as I can plus also travel the world and book shows and jobs in Milan, London and Paris. I wouldn’t say I will do anything differently, but rather I will use the experience I gained from the SS23 season to be a better model and stronger person as well because we all learn from our experiences!

What is your advice to anyone applying to Elite Model Look?

Believe in yourself, face your power and embrace your future! It all starts with taking that leap of faith and going for what you want in life, be optimistic and work super hard at everything. And above all, never forget to pray! God answers prayers and dreams are super valid.

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