My First Fashion Week: Cosima Lagae At Paris Fashion Week Ss18

Cosima Lagae competed in Elite Model Look representing Belgium less than a year ago. This season, she made her debut at Paris Fashion Week, where she walked for three of fashion’s favourite designers. We caught up with he to find out what it felt like from the runway.

Tell us about your first fashion week season! What was the best moment?

My first fashion week was really good, I did three shows: Lacoste, Rick Owens and Miu Miu. I do not really have one best moment but I loved the opportunity to meet new people, I made some good friends who I can't wait to see again!

You walked 3 shows – what did you like about each one?

Lacoste was my very first show and I loved it, the whole crew was so nice and the atmosphere was so joyful! My second show was Rick Owens, they put extensions in my hair and I was wearing a sort of cape that looked cool. I loved them all, but Miu Miu was like the cherry on top of the cake. I wasn't expecting to do the show and then my agent told me I got it. I was really happy to be part of it!

Did you see anyone you knew from the Elite Model Look competition?

Yes, I did! I saw Jana, Marie, Lizzie, Nathalie, Jill, Katya and Holly.

Was fashion week as tough as you expected?

Yes, the most difficult part are the castings, you get really tired of it because you have to walk around the whole day. Castings are also stressful because each one is different and you never know what they think of you. For me, the show itself is not that stressful, I tried to not think about the audience and just enjoy the moment.

What’s the best advice you ever received?

I just think that you have to enjoy and be yourself. Do whatever makes you happy but without hurting other people.The day you understand that what people think of you doesn’t matter, you will enjoy life so much more. Be happy and confident about who you are!

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