Elite Models Say Happy Mother's Day!

To celebrate Mother's Day this weekend, we asked the models of Elite Model Look to send in a picture postcard of their mom with a special message. We think moms deserve to be treated like a queen every day of the year, but Mother's Day is an extra special day to say "I love you" to your favourite female parent. Check out what our models said below.

Photo © Henrike Dietershagen

Henrike Dietershagen, EML Germany

I have a very strong bond to my mum, I can tell her everything and I love her so much! When I need help, she always gives me good advice... and sometimes the gives it  to me even when I don‘t want to her it! I‘m so happy to have such a perfect mum!

Photo © Renée Immink

Renée Immink, EML Netherlands

Here's a message for my mom: " Hey mom, there are so many sweet things that I can say about you, but I want to thank you, despite the fact that sometimes things are not that good, thanks for always being there for us, and thanks for always listen to me. Mom, I love you!!"

Photo © João Tavares

João Tavares, EML Portugal

I really love my mom she is my number one, everything I am today I owe her, she who was always by my side, gave me the best advice, who told me off when I misbehaved, and who always supported me and wanted the best for me in life... So my mon is my life,thank you for everything!

Photo © Arya Bendkhale

Arya Bendkhale, EML India

Mother's Day is a very special day in everyone's life. Without a wonderful mother like my mom I don't think life would be possible. I am thankful to her for bringing me in this world and keeping me secure and teaching me all the right things and also guiding me through out. My mom is the biggest backbone for my modeling career! Without her, my modeling career wouldn't be possible, she motivated me for it the most. I love you Mom and would do anything and everything to make you proud!

Photo © Bella Bihari

Bella Bihari, EML Hungary

My mom and me have always been there for each other. We have our differences, but I can always count on her. She has been supporting me from the beginning and without her, I wouldn’t be who I am today. Happy Mother’s Day to the strongest mom!

Photo © Benjamin Aston

Benjamin Aston, EML Switzerland

My mother is just the biggest idol you can wish for because somehow she manages to do it all. She raised my sister and me by herself and also had to work to support us. Because my sister was born with Down Syndrome she still needs a lot of support although she is 23 years old. So what I really hope for is that my mother will soon find more time again for her and realize her own dreams! I love you mum!

Photo © Aleksandra Milković

Aleksandra Milković, EML Serbia

My message to my mom is: Mom, thank you for everything you did for me.

Photo © Adrian Calabria

Adrian Calabria, EML Spain

"I love my mother because she always has supported me in everything and she wants me to always be happy. She is very affectionate with me and I can tell her everything. I am very proud of my mother, she is the best!!"

Photo © Marija Miljevic

Marija Miljevic, EML Montenegro

My mom is the strongest and most supportive person I know. When I am away travelling, I always think of her, and I hope life treats her as amazing as she has treated me my whole life. Happy Mother's Day mom!

Photo © Matúš Gašparík

Matúš Gašparík, EML Slovakia

This is a picture of me with my mom from August last year. This picture was taken the night I won Elite Model Look 2017 in Slovakia. My mom has always supported me in what I was doing and I know she will always support me. She's honestly the best mom I could have.

Photo © Magson

Magson, EML Australia

This is a photo of my Mum and I on our way to Japan for my first overseas modelling trip when I was 16. My mum is my biggest role model. She is such a strong and resilient woman who has achieved so much in her life while looking after my three brothers and me. She is the one I always turn to for advice and she is the most selfless person that I know. I love my Mum to bits and I appreciate everything that she does for us. 

Photo © Alina Dementieva

Alina Dementieva, EML Ukraine

For me, my mother is the best friend, a person whom I can tell absolutely everything. She is the only one who supports me every day, every second, every moment of my life. She gives me her love, her soul, her time. That all makes me to be proud of being her daughter. In my opinion, happiness is seeing your mother smile because of you.

Photo © Simon Julius Jorgensen

Simon Julius Jorgensen, EML Denmark

Here is a photo of me with my mom, Lisbeth, and my brother Magnus. Thanks for always helping me and being there when I need it. I hope you enjoy my hoodie!

Photo © Antonia Gloessel

Antonia Gloessel, EML Austria

My mom is the most loving and confident person I know . To me, she is my best friend. I tell her everything about anything. She always tries to make everyone feel special and loved - she has her flaws and she isn’t perfect but I wouldn't trade her for anything in the world - she makes the world a better place . I love you mom!

Photo © Nataša Koštová

Nataša Koštová, EML Slovakia

My mom is everything for me. She is not only my mom, but also a friend, sister and bodyguard! We try everything together, we enjoy the simple things in life and we make plans together. She always knows what to tell to me when I am sad. I love you so much mom!

Photo © Alessandro Caroppo

Alessandro Caroppo, EML Italy

Happy Mother's Day, mom!!

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