Model To Know: Vittoria Ceretti

Vittoria Ceretti participated in Elite Model Look in Italy in 2012. With over one million followers on Instagram, she is one of the icons of her generation. Her client list includes high fashion houses Alexander McQueen, Chanel, Fendi, Givenchy, Prada, Ralph Lauren, Versace and Valentino. 

2016 was quite a year for you – what was your favourite moment?

My favourite moment was probably the first time I shot with Steven Meisel. Everything about 2016 has been amazing, I think it’s been one of the best years so far!

You walked in an incredible 42 shows in September – what was it like to do so many at once? Was it difficult or did you enjoy it?

I loved it! It was tough but the whole experience was worth it because I love walking the shows.

What did you learn from competing in Elite Model Look?

I learned so much during my time at EML, from how to stand in front of a camera and impressing the people looking at the pictures from the other side of the camera, to walking in heels. I also learned how to act appropriately around people in the industry.

What is your beauty and fitness routine?

I always try to eat healthily. I go to the gym when I’m home or do some yoga if I have the time off. I always make sure to wash my face at morning and at night, moisturising my skin before I leave home or before I go to bed. I apply a face mask for when my skin feels tired or if I’ve worked for a while.

When you started modelling, could you imagine it would be like this?

I had no idea what modelling meant until I actually started. It is hard and a lot of work, but fun at the same time. I get to meet a lot of people from around the world and learn so many things about other cultures and countries, so it’s worth it.

How do you relax?

I tend to watch TV at home, hang out with my friends and go for walks. I love spending time at spas and having massages too.

We often see you on Instagram hanging out with Yasmin, Natalie and the other Elite girls. Is it good to have friends who are models?

It's awesome to be close to people that live the same lifestyle as me, they’re people that I also get to work with a lot too. The friendships I have with the Elite girls and other models are so real and spontaneous - it's amazing!

What is your advice for people who want to be a model?

You have to be sure that modelling is something that you love and want to do. It could be that one day you’re a young girl or boy that’s reading a magazine featuring all of these models and you want to be one of those models, and then the next day you’re on that very magazine. There’s  lot of work behind it all, it is hard, but it is so worth it!

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