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We sit down with Magson to talk everything beach. Magson, who is from Sydney, took part in the Elite Model Look World Final representing Australia in 2016, and has since walked for Miu Miu, Akris, Altuzarra, Emanno Scervino, Undercover and Peter Pilotto. Full name Holly Magson, she now goes by just her family name. To celebrate Australia Day, Magson gives us her favourite tips for the staying cool in the sun.

Always carry protection

Sunscreen is essential! I have really pale skin, I burn super-easily, so I cover myself and wear a big hat. I always bring a huge towel my mom bought me – it’s amazing. My boyfriend lives near the beach, so whenever I hang out with him, we go to the beach. You can go up on the hill, look at the view, check the surf. When it’s a really hot day, I don’t like swimming in the cold water, but otherwise I love it. 

My beach wardrobe is bottomless

I prefer bikinis to swimsuits, or a bikini with a surf top. I love Billabong and Ripcurl, they’re really famous Australian surf brands. They have nice designs and good fit. I have so many bikinis! I think over 50. I pulled them all out the other day and put them on my bed, my mom was like, “you don’t need any more bikinis!” But you always need more! 

Dogs make everything fun

There’s a river by my house, there’s the bush and then there’s a river called the Needles, so I like going down there by myself. I walk the dogs there most days. There’s a big hill you have to walk up, it’s always a struggle! Me and my boyfriend both have Staffies. His is two months older than mine, I got mine after he already had his, so he probably thinks I’m copying him! His is called Belle, and my other dog is called Bella! (laughs) But his whole family, and my whole family have the same names! It’s really weird. 

The beach is a social sport

I prefer to go to the beach with friends, it’s way more fun. It’s good to go and watch the sunrise. When I go in summer, you hang out in the water the whole time, and if you get out and you get too hot, you have to get back in! I have tried surfing before, but I want to do it more. I can go on a longboard, but my uncle surfs, he’s really good. I like driving down to the beach, I listen to hip hop or old school music. My favourite is Cronulla Beach, or Stanwall Park are the best. There are rock pools that are really nice to hang out at. 

I've always been a water baby

I love swimming, me and my brothers have always been water babies. We have a big pool at home. I’m from Sydney, we’ve always lived in the same house. I used to do a lot of swimming lessons, and I did Nippers, which is a lifesaving course for kids, you learn CPR, you do competitions. I did it every week, and went down to the National Park, you do races and get medals, and join Nippers clubs and you can take it really far. I was best at flags, which is where you have a hose in the ground, and you have to throw it in the opposite way, and someone shouts, “heads up, heads down, go!” and you have to run and be the one to grab it first. That was my best one!

Get good fuel

There’s heaps of places to go have breakfast on the esplanade, and go for a swim after. I love poached eggs on sourdough bread with spinach and ham and hollandaise sauce. It’s so good! I love to get a smoothie or a nice big bottle of water when it’s really hot. It’s important to sty hydrated. I love having heaps of fruit, kale, kiwi, berries, banana. I love vegetables! I have a smoothie machine at home, so I have one every day, I like to mix it up. Sometimes, I have just one thing like banana in there, other days a mix – and I have one every day, with oats and strawberry on top, and a bit of cinnamon for flavor. It’s healthy and it’s yummy! I much prefer going out for breakfast than dinner, and you can go out in comfortable clothes. 

I love being the only girl in my family

I have three brothers. I’m in the middle, I have two older brothers, and one younger. One of them just got married last summer – him and his girlfriend have been together for ten years! Then I have a 20-year old brother, and a 14-year old. I’m very close to my brothers, we always used to fight, but now we all get along really well, one of my older brothers lives with my nan so we don’t see him as much, but we all get along. I love being the only girl, because now they’re protective, although when I was younger I wanted a sister! But now, all my friends with sisters fight with them over clothes and stuff. In fact, I steal my brothers’ sweaters and stuff – and they hate it! I’m really close with my family, we hang out a lot. In the last year, I’ve become closer with them. 

Always believe in yourself!

The best advice I can give to people who want to apply for the competition in 2018 is to give it everything you have because this is a massive opportunity, so don’t take anything for granted. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t get into the Top 10 or whatever, because even just to be part of it is amazing. Give it everything you have because this is just the beginning!

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