Model Skincare Tips

Beauty Mar 22
As anyone who’s applying for Elite Model Look knows, you can’t hide behind makeup when taking polaroids or attending castings. And it doesn’t stop there - as a model, you need to take good care of yourself if you want to look your best. Good skin is fundamental. We asked some of the Elite models for their tips on keeping their skin looking its best.

Marla Fabri (Star sign: Leo)

The secret to great skin is lifestyle. Whether you drink or smoke, how you eat and your exercise is going to show on your skin! Doing sports and getting good sleep are some of the most important things you can do. I try to use products that are alcohol and perfume-free, and I love using aloe vera - I cut the plant up and leave the gel on my face all night to renew my skin as I sleep. When you wake up, it’s amazing!

Megan Sackett (Star sign: Aries)

 I keep things simple with my routine. I always use organic soap on my skin and nothing else - it’s the best - and I use body lotion every day. As long as you hit the basics, your skin will look its best! I also avoid chocolate - it sets my skin off with breakouts.

Natalie Brown (Star sign: Aquarius)

I use lots of natural products on my skin - I cleanse with coconut oil, hot water and a face cloth. For toner, I mix two parts distilled water with 1 part apple cider vinegar with a dash of tea tree oil, and moisturise with more coconut oil. It’s a really simple routine, I use it right after shoots as well - it keeps my skin extra soft!

Bee Smith (Star sign: Cancer)

SPF is essential to looking after your skin - I even use it in winter! I also a daily detox scrub by Soap & Glory and a moisturising cream. Photo shoots can be terrible for skin - I once had my face covered in glitter! I use a blemish treatment by La Roche Posay if I need some extra love in my routine.

Essie Glassman (Star sign: Aquarius)

The secret to great skin is to always remove all of your make-up, every last bit! I also eat well - I try to get as much fruit and vegetables as I can. I drink lots of water and fruit juice. I have quite dry skin so I use a face oil at night. Once a week, I do a dry skin scrub, but every day, it’s all about cleansing and moisturising. After a shoot, I usually just use a makeup wipe, and moisturiser.

Dee Owens (Star sign: Leo)

Glitter is the worst product - it sticks to everything, especially your eyebrows! I try to drink plenty of water but if I do get a break out, I use acnecide that can be bought at a pharmacy. My secret to great skin is always to apply eye cream in circular motions. It’s not about using lots of products - just using them well!

Eden Bristowe (Star sign: Virgo)

After a shoot, I always use an oil-based cleansing wipe, it lets me take off my make-up without scrubbing it.  If I get a break-out, I use Vitamin A cream - it’s really cheap and you can buy it over the counter at a pharmacist. I use it for a few days and it clears things up right away. I also love Kiehl's face oil, it makes my skin bright and super soft!

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