Meet Alvaro Silveira From Eml Spain

Model Life EML Spain
Alvaro Silveria took part in EML in 2014. Now on the men's mainboard at Elite Barcelona, he shares his model workout secrets, passions off set and advice for aspiring Applicants.

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What is your favourite memory from EML?

It would have to be the bootcamp – it was held in Barcelona the week before the EML Spain Final, I met so many amazing people. It was a totally unique experience, I will never forget.

You love football – do you play?

Modelling is amazing work, but the travel makes it hard to play regularly. However, if I ever get the chance, I love kicking a ball around! I am from Celta, so I support the team from my city, and whenever I am in Vigo, I try to go to the match. It’s so much more exciting than watching on TV!

What music or films inspire you?

I love so many styles of music, it’s impossible to pick a favourite! My favourite films are either comedies or thirllers.

What’s your model workout?

It's not a very original, but I go to the gym a lot,! I also like being outdoors. I love running, or just going for a long walk. 

If you could donate $1m to any charity, which one would it be?

I would donate it to a charity fighting child poverty. Children should all get the same start in life, it breaks my heart that so many children start at a disadvantage.

What’s your advice to people applying to EML Spain?

I would say that if you really want something, go for it. If you don’t try – you will never know what might happen! So give it your best shot – and good luck!

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