Milly From Uk: Meet The Finalist 2017

Milly from Cambridge has been chosen to represent the UK at the Elite Model Look World Final, which kicks off in just two days. We get to know her here.

Full name:​ Milly ​​​Parry​

Star sign: Taurus

Hometown: ​Cambridge​​, UK

Follow me:​ ​@millpaz​

How​​ did​​ you ​​hear​​ about​​ Elite​​ Model ​​Look?

I saw it on social media a few years ago, I never thought that I would be part of it! Everyone I have met so far is utterly lovely.


What’s​​ your ​​favourite….

Song:​ Shine on You Crazy Diamond by Pink Floyd ​​

Animal:​ Slow​​​ Loris​

Disney ​​villain: ​Yzma from the Emperor’s New Groove​​

Sport: ​Tennis ​​​(and ​rowing, ​​ballet, ​​swimming,​​ running)

Vacation​ destination:​​​​ Sri​​ Lanka

Quote: ​‘’When​​​ the ​​whole ​​world ​​is ​​silent, ​​even ​​one ​​voice ​​becomes ​​powerful​.” ​- ​​Malala​

Film: ​Monty​​​ Python’s​​ Life ​​of ​​Brian​

Emoji:​ Octopus​​

Chocolate:​ Dark​​

Hero:​ John ​​​Gurdon​

Choose ​​one…

Morning​​ or ​​evening? ​Morning​​

Pizza ​​or ​​Ibiza?​ Pizza ​​​in ​​​Ibiza?​

Prince​​or​​frog?​ Frog​​

Leather ​​shorts ​​or ​​demin ​​cutoffs? ​Denim​​​ cutoffs​

Snapchat​​ or ​​Instagram? ​Instagram​​

Sports​​ car​​ or​​ SUV? ​SUV​​

Cowboy​ ​or ​​alien? ​Alien​​

DJ​​ or​​ PJs?​ DJ​​

Paper ​​or ​​plastic? ​Paper​​

Motorbike​​ or​​ magic ​​carpet?​ Magic ​​​carpet​

Hot​​ fudge​​ or ​​melted ​​caramel? ​Hot ​​​fudge​


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