Kiana From Reunion: Meet The Winner 2017

Kiana is the latest Winner of Elite Model Look 2017, representing the Reunion Island. Following in the steps of Elite models like Pauline Hoarau and Leia Matagne, Kiana from Le Tampon will be at the World Final this November.

Full name: Kiana Bedeau

Star sign: Virgo

Hometown: Le Tampon, Reunion

Follow me: @kianabedeauemlreunion2017

Apart from winning, what has been the best moment so far?

For me, it was the bootcamp!

What’s your favourite….

Song: Believer by Imagine Dragons

Colour: Purple and pink

Singer: Rihanna

Vacation destination: Mexico

Quote: “Qui me tent rien n’a rien” – nothing ventured, nothing gained

Film: Taken (2008)

Emoji: Upside down smiley

Chocolate: Milk

Fashion icon: Tyra Banks

Heroine: My mother

Current obsession: Elite Model Look!

Choose one….

Leather shorts or demin cutoffs?  Leather shorts

Las Vegas or Los Angeles? LA

Sports car or SUV? Sports car

Cowboy or alien? Cowboy

Matching tattoos or tea for two? Matching tattoos

Yoga or boxing? Boxing

Prince or frog? Frog

Paper or plastic? Paper

Puma or Adidas? Puma

Snakes or sharks? Snakes

Motorbike or magic carpet? Magic carpet

Cupcake or donut? Donut

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