Joachim From Denmark: Meet The Winner 2017

In Denmark, the Winners of Elite Model Look 2017 have been announced. For the boys, Joachim from Copenhagen will be representing his country. Meet the soccer fan below.

Name:​​ Joachim​​ Simonsen ​​Blomsterberg

Star sign: Virgo

Hometown:​​ Copenhagen, Denmark

Follow me: @joachim_blomst

How​​ did ​​you ​​hear​​ about ​​Elite​​ Model ​​Look?

I​​ heard ​​about ​​Elite Model Look ​​online.

What’s ​​your ​​favourite….

Song:​​ The​​ Danish​ pop ​​artist ​​Kesi ​​with​​ the​​ song​​ "Op"​​ feat. ​​Gilli​​ and ​​Benny​​jamz.​​ And ​​I​​ also​​ like​​ the​ ​song "Butterfly​ Effect" by Travis Scott.

Disney​​ villain:​​ Kaa​​​ from the J​ungle Book

Sport: Soccer

Vacation ​destination: ​​Spain​

Quote: ​​"The​​ days​​ that​​ break ​​you, ​​are ​​the ​​days ​​that ​​make ​​you"​ ​– ​​Conor ​​McGregor

Film: ​"I ​​Am​​ ​​Legend"​ (2007)

Emoji: Heart

Chocolate: ​​Milk

Fashion icon: ​​Nina ​​Agdal!​​ She ​​is​​ so ​​beautiful​​ and ​​from ​​Denmark.

Hero: ​​My ​​little ​​brother

Current obsession: Watching soccer.

Choose ​​one….

Cowboy ​​or​​ alien?​​ Alien

Matching​​ tattoos ​​or ​​tea ​​for ​​two? ​​Matching ​​tattoos

Puma ​​or​​ Adidas?​​ Nike

Beach​​ or​​ pool?​​ Beach

Morning​​ or​​ evening?​​ Evening

Yoga​​ or​​ boxing?​​ Boxing

Leather ​​shorts ​​or ​​demin ​​cutoffs? ​​Demin ​​cutoffs

Las​ ​Vegas​​ or​​ Los​​ Angeles?​​ Las​ ​Vegas

Snapchat ​​or ​​Instagram?​​ Snapchat

Sports ​​car ​​or​​ SUV?​​ Sports​​ car

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