James Parker's Guide To Rome

James Parker, winner of Elite Model Look Italia 2014 and Overall Winner of the Elite Model Look Final 2014, gives us a tour of his native capital city. For the next part of our travel series, we get the local insider view of Rome. 

"I love Rome!" James told us. "When you walk down the streets or when you admire the ruins, you always think about the past, and how amazing Italian people actually are! If you want to see our culture, traditions, and past, nothing is better than the Capital. You can find, art, sculptures, buildings, and of course our typical delicious food.

Photo © James Parker

Pane e Salame

This is my favourite restaurant in Rome. You can find some amazing Italian bites and sandwiches, and very friendly people. It is right behind Trevi's fountain, so you can have lunch, and then go to throw a coin inside that astounding fountain!

Photo © James Parker

Ice Club

Ice Club is one of the coolest places to have a drink, everything is made out of ice! If you want an escape from the routine, and you want to live a different experience, I would really suggest to go there!

Photo © James Parker

Latte Più

Ever heard of A Clockwork Orange? Latte Più is the pub in Rome themed after the notorious bar from Stanley Kubrick’s movie! If you are a fan, you have to try their milk-based cocktails, and the fantastic 'green fairy' absinthe cocktail. It's quite strong for me, but maybe you'd love it.

Photo © Jean-Pierre Dalbéra via Flickr

Piazza del Popolo

I lived in Viterbo, but I spent almost all of that time in Rome. I used to go to Piazza del Popolo a lot, and I left a piece of my heart there. People, buildings, shops, you have everything you need, but I can't describe how you really feel. I can just say: go there and feel it yourself!

Photo © James Parker

Via del Corso

Via del Corso is probably the best place for shopping. It is full of shops! But there are also so many little shops, unknown to the most of tourists, selling everything, simple things, food, or amazing handmade suits. I can't choose only one of them, I would buy every single thing there!

Photo © James Parker

Parco Filippo Meda

Of course, there are many gyms and fitness clubs in Rome, but I prefer open spaces to workout, especially Parco Filippo Meda. It is a great spot for training. Also, you have Villa Borghese, another beautiful park, where people usually run, and sometimes, you can also find groups of people doing exercises together, and if you want, you can join them, and meet new people.

Photo © James Parker

Borghese Gallery

There's plenty of things to do in Rome, it is full of places where you can expand your knowledge about everything. There is the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art where you can have both a taste of the new and the past.

Borghese Gallery and Museum is one of the best places to see astounding sculptures and paintings from Caravaggio, but the Villa itself is also amazing. You can find a lot of great museums, but I  can't talk about all of them because there are just too many of them! But they are cool, trust me.

If you are interested in other kind of things, such as music, and movies, well we have also that don't worry, we're not missing anything! In fact there are many places where you can be part of concerts, like PalaEUR, or Circo Massimo etc. And if you like cinemas, well you're actually in the right place because Rome is the Italian capital of cinema!

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