Sharing Model Life: Instagram Stories Vs Snapchat

This month, Instagram unveiled their Stories feature, seen by many as the platform’s answer to Snapchat. From petting puppies to boat parties, each app offers different ways for the models to create funky videos, be it Instagram’s highlighter or Snapchat face swap. We took a look to see which team these Elite models are using - what team are you on?

Instagram: Ysaunny Brito

After taking the modelling world by storm this year, it’s only right that @ysaunnybrito treats herself and pals to a luxurious summer break to the Dominican Republic!

Snapchat: Serge Rigvava

You would never think @sergerigvava had just woken up from a long sleep if it wasn’t for his artistic Snapchat skills…Would you? 

Instagram: Yu Che Hsu

Elite Model Look 2015 finalist @yuchehsu1219 told us in an interview that he’s a medical student and certified personal trainer. He shows his artistic flare when it comes to Instagram too

Snapchat: Linda Vojtova

It looks as though @LindaVojtova is ready to board her plane to Canada for another shoot. She’s recently shot for Vogue Portugal and Harper’s Bazaar Czech Republic.

Instagram: Michaela Kocianova

@michaelakocianova looks blissful whilst treating herself to a spa day! It’s very important for models to relax and rejuvenate their minds and skin when working such hectic schedules. 

Snapchat: Greta Varlese

Italian @gretavarlese Snaps whilst getting dolled up behind the scenes during Copenhagen fashion week.

Instagram: Leia Matagne

Last year's Top 15 World Finalist @leiamatagne from Reunion Island rocks a bare faced look on her Instagram.

Snapchat: Bara Podzmikova

@bpodzimkova was experimenting with Snapchat filters and re-fueling whilst waiting to board a plane to an exciting location.

Instagram: Josephine Le Tutour

#BalmainArmy model @josephineletutour shows her followers exactly what they’re missing out on as she sips on a sparkly cocktail whilst holidaying in France

Snapchat: Sam Savangesoler

@samsavagesoler posing for a quick selfie with the family whilst walking through the beautiful streets of a pretty town in France. 

Instagram: Giosue Napolitano

When Elite Mode Look Italy 2015 finalist @giosuenapolitano isn’t posing behind a camera, he likes to spend his time petting dogs - and who doesn’t?

Instagram: Bella Bihari

Winner of Elite Model Look Hungary 2015 @bellabihari is showing her Instagram followers just how much she’s missed her bestie.

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