Get Your Hair Party Ready

Perfect for party season, the Rowenta for Elite Model Look Multistyler allows you to create many different styles with one tool, from voluminous waves to sleek straight locks. Learn how to use all the different features it comes with just in time for the festive season.

A wardrobe essential for all your party needs

Winter can be a busy time for parties! With the Rowenta for Elite Model Look Multistyler, it's possible to achieve at least seven different looks.

A different look every day of the week

The Rowenta for Elite Model Look Multistyler is an electric handle with attachments that lock easily into place. Each of the following attachments are ceramic-coated to get shiny results every time: large curling tong, medium curling tong, flat curling tong and a 2-in-1 straightener/crimper. The Multistyler also includes a brush and spiral attachments for the medium curling tong and 4 hair clips.

Curl like a pro

The Rowenta for Elite Model Look Multistyler offers curlers in three different sizes. The larger 32mm curling tong (above, right) creates loose, relaxed waves. The 16mm curling tong (above, centre) can be used to create messiness and texture to the look - add salt spray or texture gum to give an edgy finish. Meanwhile, the square curling tong (above, left) is great for retro-style, smooth waves.

Roll with it

For the 16mm curling tong, there are two add-ons - a roller brush and a spiral. The roller brush (above, right) is another smart way to create tension and grip, making it easier to control the hair. To create volume, attach the brush and curl roots for 8 seconds. To finish to an already curled style done with any other of the curling tongs in the Multistyler, attach the roller brush and curl at the ends. 

The spiral (above, left) guides the hair exactly into place. This is either an easy way to achieve perfectly curled locks, or a handy way for beginners to learn how to curl. Mix up the size and texture of your curls by turning the attachment the other way round on the curling tong.

That's so 80s!

For Fall Winter 2016, crimped hair was seen again on catwalks. The zig-zag effect first made fashion headlines in the 1980s. To use, start at the top of the section of your hair, near the roots, and hold the crimping tool for a few seconds before releasing and moving down the section to repeat. Alternatively, hair stylists use crimpers to achieve volume at the roots to give hair more lift for straight, wavy, or curled hair. Before straightening or curling, crimp the hair just near the roots at the top of your head, leaving out a section to cover the effect at the parting of your hair.   

Let’s get things straight

The Rowenta for Elite Model Look Multistyler comes with a straightener/crimper attachment that can be adjusted at the click of a button. Use the straightener to smooth out kinks in the hair section by section - see our pro straightener tips here.

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