How To Play The Piano With Bella Bihari

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In her down time between model jobs, Bella Bihari loves to relax with the piano. She gives us her guide to playing. Bella competed in Elite Model Look representing Hungary in 2015, taking part in the World Final in Milan. She tells us her most interesting memory from the event, which is totally unique, and her advice for the next generation of Elite models.

I’ve been playing piano for 12 years now

Every time I am stressed or I have had a hard day, it makes me relaxed and happy. I forget about any problems and I feel so refreshed. My mom and my youngest sister play on piano too. Actually I started it because my mom, because she loves to play we learned, and we always had a piano.

Stay with it

When I was younger, I didn’t understand why should I go to the music school every day. It was always hard to start learning a new piano piece, because in the beginnings you can’t really enjoy your playing, because it’s all very new. But you just keep practicing and in the end you get there!

I like playing for myself

At one concert, I played a piece with my teacher. It was so much fun and also the practicing before the concert. In public, I always get little bit shy, but once it happened with me that at a casting there was a piano so I was playing there while I was waiting.

Doing the Elite Model Look contest was a life changing moment

It was a very big opportunity to start my modelling career in the best way. As a new face, it taught me how to really be a model. I had catwalk lessons, shootings. I met with many new people, and I could make new friendships. It was the first time when I really could meet new face models from all around the world and some of them we still keep the contact.

My favourite memory from Elite Model Look is actually my birthday.

I turned 16 during the World Final and they had a surprise birthday party for me! I have never thought that one day I will celebrate my birthday with people from all around the world.

Girls, boys: this contest can change your life in a good way

Just enjoy every moment there, be yourself and do your best, because one day when you will look back to this moment it will make you happy and proud as it does with me when I am writing this. I wish you so much success and fun there!

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