How To Play The Guitar With Marketa Salounova

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Marketa Salounova began her model career with Elite Model Look Czech Republic, going on to walk at her first fashion week in an exclusive for Burberry in London. Away from the castings and photo shoot sets, Marketa plays guitar and piano. She gave us her guide to maintaining musical passion on the side to model life.

I am sensitive to music

I play the guitar. I like playing Czech songs, easy ones, because I learned playing guitar at home. I like songs about life. I am always affected by music – when I listen to sad music, I feel sad, but happy music gives me energy. Before castings I always listen to upbeat music! If I don’t have earphones, I read, but music is the best. Sometimes reading sends me to sleep! 

I have been playing the guitar for five years, and piano four years

I had a teacher on guitar for a year, but I have always taught myself piano. My family is not musical, but my grandmother played. I didn’t know until after I started playing – I was talking to her once and she mentioned that she used to have a keyboard – I was like, no way! It’s nice to know that. 

I play in the evenings after school, it’s a good way to relax

I have never played with anyone else. Sometimes I open the door so other people can listen, but other times I just play for myself. Recently, I learned a tune and I played it for my family – it was good, but I was a bit nervous because I didn’t want to make mistakes! But my family are used to hearing me play, and actually they don’t notice the mistakes. 

Playing music is like modelling - they are both a performance

When I practice my walk at home, I think it’s good, but when I go to a casting, I can see the other girls and it’s hard because I want to be the best, so I overthink it and maybe I don’t walk straight or I make mistakes! It’s hard! 

I love fashion week, but it's hard!

I have done quite a few fashion weeks now, the first time was the best, but they have all been good. I love doing shows, although the castings are hard. I take one day at a time, and I think it is important to stay motivated. I have done Milan, Paris and London, and they are all different. Milan is much smaller, I like how big London is because I can see things between castings, but it is also much warmer in Milan! 

I miss my guitar when I'm travelling

I leave my guitar at home when I have to go away for model jobs, but often when I am travelling, I might stay in an apartment that has a guitar, or a piano. When I see that, I am so happy. I hate being without music – I was in Tokyo for two months and I wasn’t playing, and every time I saw a guitar in a shop I was so tempted to buy it! 

I got my guitar as a Christmas present when I was younger

I didn’t know how to play, so I was just trying to play. After I got it, my family were saying, “go upstairs and shut the door! We can’t listen to this!” After one year, they got me lessons, which was cool. It was better after that! I have one brother and one sister. My sister is older than me, and she has two little children. My brother is younger than me, he’s 15, and he doesn’t like me much! We are always fighting, I’m trying to tell him stuff and he is just rolling his eyes. But I love him really, I always miss him when I’m away. 

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