How To Pack Like A Model With Baya Kolrikova

How To Model EML Slovakia

Baya Kolrikova represented Slovakia at the Elite Model Look World Final 2013. She has modelled for Chanel, Zara, Armani, Fendi and Dior. Now with a bunch of countries under her belt, this model is a pro when it comes to packing for model jobs around the world. We sat down with Baya to find out her hot tips for travelling light and often.

Which countries have you visited for model jobs?

My first trips were to Asia, so countries like Japan are very close to my heart, then it was South Korea, China, and all around Europe - France, Italy, England, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, Switzerland! I have also been to Australia, the USA and usually different cities in those countries at different times! 

Photo © Baya Kolarikova via Instagram

What size suitcase do you like to take?

I always take my favourite big suitcase which is all covered with stickers so when I go for more than few days I always take that one!

Photo © Baya Kolarikova via Instagram

After your passport, your phone charger and your wallet… what is the most important thing to remember to pack as a model!?

My book, my diary, my favorite herbal tea and a Polaroid camera are my must haves!

Do you take your own beauty products or do you use the hotel gifts?

I always take my own because I try to reduce my plastic consumption and I find those little hotel packages to be an unnecessary waste.

Photo © Baya Kolarikova via Instagram

When you stay in model apartments, what do you like to bring to help you feel at home?

I love my collection of my Polaroid pictures that I took of my friends and family. I always bring speakers and a blender for my smoothie!

What’s the craziest or the funniest thing you ever saw a girl bring to a model apartment?

A panda toy that was the size of 5-year-old child!

For travelling… laptop or iPad?


Photo © Baya Kolarikova via Instagram

What do you bring to do on the plane?

I always take a good book, then my noise-cancelling headphones, good podcasts to listen to and a notebook to write my thoughts down.

Photo © Baya Kolarikova via Instagram

You are a vegan! Do you pack any special food?

I always pack some vegan protein bars and my favorite vegan chocolate!

Photo © Baya Kolarikova via Instagram

Do you have any cool tricks you picked up while travelling?

The most important thing I learnt is that I really don’t need to take that many things. So learning how to travel light was very useful! And I really like using Google Maps to tag the best things for getting around the city. I always save vegan restaurants, cool bookshops and markets as well as the places where they hold castings and photo studios.

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