How To Make Art With Lola Suel

Lola Suel took part in Elite Model Look in 2018 in the national contest in France. Lola launched her career full time in 2021 and is now represented by Elite in Paris, Milan, London, Copenhagen, Barcelona and with The Society, Elite's sister agency in New York. She made her debut with Dior and has walked for Valentino and Givenchy⁠, and has shot with Vogue France. In her spare time, Lola loves to create art and we caught up with her to find out what’s behind her passion.  

Your first big show was Dior Spring Summer 2022 – what was it like?

It was really great, everyone was really nice and I had a ton of fun with the team and the models. The runway for this show was really interesting and complex as well, making it even more fun

You went full time in 2021. What has been your favourite thing about modelling?

So far I enjoyed everything I have done but I’d say being able to do shows and wear amazing clothes so frequently!

You have an interest in art and drawing. How long have you been interested in that?

I’ve been interested in Art since I was a child but I only started to really practice and put my mind to it at around 13 years old! I tried a bit of everything to really know my style but currently I love to draw landscapes or everyday scenes like a crowded subway or someone reading in a café. 

You have some amazing tattoos. Can you tell us about them?

Of course! I have two right now, the first is the angel from the cover of the nirvana album « in utero » on my chest and a rhino beetle above my left knee that represent luck. I really love them and I can’t wait to get more  

Where do you get your inspiration from to draw?

Honestly, my inspirations are a little random but I find inspiration in everyday life, when I go outside and see people going on with their lives. I admire René Magritte and Claude Monet a lot, their work is really inspiring and fascinating for me

You took part in EML in 2018. Do you have any advice for people applying for EML this year?

The best advice I could give is to enjoy as much as you can and really be yourself, your personality is what defines you and you should enhance and be proud of it, have a lot of fun is also really important! 

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