World Envirnment Day With Nadine Ammeraal

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To mark World Environment Day, we sat down with Nadine Ammeraal to talk all things planet Earth. Although it can seem like as individuals, we are powerless to change the space around us, Nadine argues that by taking small steps to think about how we live, we can work together as a society to reduce the impact that humans are having on Earth. Nadine took part in Elite Model Look in the Netherlands and is now a full time model with Elite. Read on for her guide to loving the planet.

How long have you been interested in the environment?

I think since I see how the world and the climate is changing. Since we have no really cold winters anymore and sometimes extremely hot days, I have really noticed it in the last 4 years or something. 

What is the most beautiful place you have ever been?

Bali or the south of France!

Photo © Nadine Ammeraal via Instagram

What issues around the environment are closest to your heart?

Pollution, waste and recycling. The animals who are dying because of climate change and they can't live anymore like you see on the ice caps. They are melting so it's more and more difficult for the polar bear to get food. Or birds and fish who are stuck in our plastic waste. And also to heating up from the earth. And the growing water level means a lot for me, because in a couple of years my country Holland can be flooded by water. 

Do you think the fashion industry could improve its environmental impact and if so, how?

For sure, on shoots and shows you see a lot of plastic and paper. They don't recycle from the shoots, and the bottles of water are thrown away when most of the time they are not even empty. It's just a waste of water. It's better when there are paper cups and a tap to fill up your own cup. 

What do you do to reduce waste or lower environmental impact?

At home I recycle all my stuff, also I try to do that when I am travelling, I never throw my trash on the street. We can all buy less plastic packed stuff in stores, bring your own bag when you are doing groceries. Recycle your waste from plastic, paper and glass at least, try to take the bike more than using a car, or walk or use public transport. Turn off lights, especially when it’s not dark outside, and use less water!

Donald Trump has pulled the US out of some key climate treaties like the Paris Agreement… what do you think of that?

I think it's stupid, he doesn't want to see and to know what's happening now in the world with climate change. I am not really into Trump and everything around him so I don't really follow what he does, it only makes me annoyed!

Photo © Nadine Ammeraal via Instagram

Do you follow any charities or leaders on Instagram for environmental change?

No, I don't really follow these kind off things on Instagram. However, when I see articles in the news about it, I'll read them. Also I think it's really interesting to listen to stories from people who know a lot about it, or to watch documentaries. The movie Earth is really good, and Netflix is full of great documentaries about the planet and the environment!

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