How To Be A Model Tv Reporter With Diogo Filipe

How To Model EML Portugal

Since taking part in EML Portugal in 2011, Diogo Filipe is now a model with Elite Lisbon. He began studying journalism at Master’s level, and is now a TV reporter for Portuguese wellness channel Canal S+. We sat down with him to find out how he went from walking the catwalk to talking to camera.

You are a TV reporter for Canal S+, the wellness channel! What do you like about being a TV presenter?

What I love about this job is that I’m out and about with different people in all kinds of situations! I’m not the kind of person who can be stuck behind a desk! I’ve been a reporter since March 2018, and it’s really fun so far!

You are studying for a Master’s degree in Journalism– how did that help you get into presenting?

I’ve just finished my first year of my masters, and I still have to write my thesis – although since I’ve been working, I’ve hardly had the time! I might finish it at some point, but actually, it was my modelling experience that helped me get into TV work, rther than my degree. The other thing that helped me was my blog!

You have a blog about your hometown Porto – tell us about that!

Since I have been based more in Lisbon now, I haven’t been working on my blog! Since I started working on S+ Channel, I have had much less time, but I would love to work on it again in the future. I really love writing about and taking photos around Porto, so if anyone out there wants to partner with me, we can do it!

What has modelling taught you about presenting – and what has presenting taught you about modelling?!

Being a model and a TV presenter - each thing has taught me skills for the other. When you are a model, you meet a lot of new people, and it develops your people skills, which has definitely helped me talking to people in front of the camera! I started in March of last year, and now I can feel that I am a lot of a lot more comfortable in front of camera. Modelling definitely helped me with that. But having said that – it’s one thing to be in front of the camera, quite another to be speaking to lots of people watching at home – but it gets easier every time!

What are your goals in future?

I would really love to be a TV presenter in the future, or to be a TV series reporter in some other area. I work in wellness now, and I love it. I never thought of working in wellness, it was not my goal, but it’s really interesting. You never know what’s going to happen, so it’s good to keep an open mind with whatever might be around the corner!  

What’s your advice to people taking part in EML in 2019?

Anyone who wants to be a model in the fashion industry should take part in EML! You get so many opportunities. In my case, I am now a TV presenter, and that is something I could not have done without EML. I got to work in this industry and it brought me to a whole new place. So go for it, and give it your best shot! 

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