Hermione Baulf's Guide To Hot Yoga

Hermione Baulf loves hot yoga to destress and to get in shape for her work as a model. We sat down with her to talk about how she got into it, how it gives her mind as well as her body peace and what keeps her coming back for more.

How long have you done hot yoga for?

I have been doing hot yoga for around 8 months. Hot yoga is different than non-hot yoga because it allows your muscles to stretch more easily without injury, it makes you sweat more and it feels more like a workout, because it increases your pulse rate and boosts your metabolism! You don’t have to be particularly fit, but it’s definitely made me fitter since starting! I mostly do hatha, yin and dynamic vinyasa and flow. Hatha and vinyasa are more of a faster pace, you go through certain sequences and salutations quicker. Yin is a deep stretch form of yoga, so it’s slow and the postures are held for much longer which allows you to deeply relax into the positions. That kind of yoga is a great stretch after working out! 

Photo © Hermione Baulf

Do you go with any other models, friends or on your own?

I’ve been with a few of my friends from modelling and I’ve also made my friends from home go once which was fun, but usually I go either on my own or when back home my mum will sometimes come. Going on my own makes it feel more like my own downtime. If I’m back at home then I go to a local studio which is super friendly and the teachers are great, I’ve tried a few places in London like Fierce Grace and also House of Yoga. I find the ones in London so much busier, they’re still good but it’s so nice to go home and have a less crowded room, makes it more relaxing.

Photo © Hermione Baulf

What do you like to wear for hot yoga?

Usually, I just wear some sports leggings, yoga tights and then a sports bra, you get quite sweaty so I don’t wear a t-shirt!

Photo © Hermione Baulf

Would you ever like to travel for a yoga retreat?

Yes, I’ve been looking at some for the summer and for next year, I would love to go do one in Bali but I’ve also recently found a retreat which does yoga, Pilates and other types of HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts which I’m really tempted in going away for! I don’t tend to do yoga at home as I prefer a class environment for a proper workout, but if I’ve been for a run or to the gym then I’ll do some stretches to make sure I’m not stiff or have any aches. If I can’t make it to a class I have in the past followed YouTube videos which are quite good!

Photo © Hermione Baulf

Do you find that hot yoga helps you to be a better model?

Hot yoga has definitely helped with maintaining my overall fitness and flexibility, with the stresses of last minute castings and changed schedules. Hot yoga helps me relax and also when I’ve been standing in heels all day, yoga helps me release tension.

Photo © Hermione Baulf

If someone wants to start hot yoga, what’s the one piece of advice you’d give them?

My advice would be: just try it. It’s very addictive - you’ll become a convert!!

Yoga is about mindfulness as well as fitness – does that help you with day to day life?

Yoga is my way of shutting off and having some time for myself, it helps me keep balanced and rested. Connecting with my breath helps with meditation, as my instructor says ‘without the breath there is no yoga you’re just stretching’. 

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